Do station experience sentiment entrepreneurship do a thing to meet the needs of not met

06 years and 07 years first half of the year, a very experienced business mister, with me chat floor friend network development, again and again ask me, floor friend network can meet the user’s what has not been met the demand. At that time, I really did not feel very comfortable to answer this question. Although I say a lot of the benefits of the same floor polymerization, but really can not say, which is missing, the user will feel very unhappy, and which one, users will feel very cool. I’ve been looking for the answer to the question, but to be honest, I haven’t made any of the answers the most important task. In my later reflections, I began to realize that finding the answer was the first lesson for every innovative venture.

building opened the same building net friends carpool, the same building rent, the same building, the same floor fight meal activities, we think these are useful, the user needs, but the result is not what the function sought after by users, until the drama club, all in the service, only the drama club activities this one can attract more users to participate, so that for a while, had a friend told me, you do not have network drama. Later, we do online ordering fast food, office oriented white-collar workers, this is also the initial planning of a, just do it, found that this piece of demand is still very strong. Talk to some bosses who have done fast food before they know a little secret. The general flyers are sent to the white-collar workers in the office. They don’t want to, but they serve the fast food menu, but many people take the initiative. Later exchanges with many people, to confirm that meals at noon, or a lot of white-collar office is not a good solution that demand is not met here! But found the opportunity here is so big, have some late. Probably when we started doing the fast-food business, a website also opened Douding network, they only do specialized white-collar office services, now seems to live well, I believe that they are born to live better than building friends network, because they start to find a target accurately user demand is not met. Although after building a building with friends network, to get the investment, big advertising on Metro bus TV, but I’m still not optimistic about them, the same building features do not come out, not fully meet the user what unmet needs, but began to learn happy net, engage in a small game, another point is not too good, website, copy the building. Second edition introduction network website content is too much, to now have not changed.

venture failed in width culture done for half a year, when I went in, they started to clear their own characteristics — dramaturgie. A review of watercress, critics have time network, catering comment, drama, really do not have professional website. OK, well, to find out the features, but then think more is to meet the users to write drama communication needs, according to the direction of a period of time, only to find people who wrote critic is a very small minority groups, though, everyone seems to have not fully adjust the direction. After I left, they made a promotional card, card, on the theater