A few years of the road to build let you recognize WAP website

a few years ago, high school, bought the first mobile phone, just got, what features are very curious, want to try, then opened up an unlimited amount of twenty yuan monthly, just the Internet, what all don’t understand, just go Monternet, then inadvertently got a URL, I know, originally a free WAP website (don’t laugh ah, the times are different from the site), friends of the chain, I got a few sites, one of which is in a station, you can only see light suddenly: the original site, but not money, even more frightening is that according to the century say, you can also make money! The people around me in the eyes, but the great thing. Face greatly didi ah,


so, with the excited mood, the first sub station of its own, the application in the Oh, you don’t see is not what great sub station, then picking up tens of thousands of dollars, people will say: I have my own website! My hair on the side of his mouth also to shake it, the proud king, forget that he was a buzz.

station, the first advertising, then did not intend to make money, because I want to make real money, all the people to buy a mobile phone with a good, so also need farming? Cast advertising, never ignore it, or to my site, I continue to propaganda, continue my pocketed face among friends, but one day after two months, I went into advertising statistics background, had a look, wow, more than 300 silver ah, thought: if I can cash it, so I borrowed a brother’s bank card (when I don’t open, ha ha), the account to fill, and then try to apply the payment, a few days later, I really got three hundred yuan, that excited ah, TMD if Grandpa Mao stood before me, I will jump up with estimates of a kiss, Our

!The first week of

get the money, people will say: I have the website income, advertising to make money, encountered do not understand, ask me: what is the website? Do not know how to answer, he said: the website is a website. Anyway, what senior ha (now think that when I feel face. So vain di


get advertisement, I will have more power, you really can make money, then I am more interested in it, then innocently thought: a website to earn more than 300 of the two sites, three sites?? think again, twenty website? I’ll send? Wow, think about all the excitement! So, immediately open a few more sites, unfortunately, after a period of observation, hopes, because the bird egg century wrote: each user can only apply for a website. At that time, what the mood is gone, then think, look to see if there is the same with century self-help network, so as to communicate to the district (then owners are more generous and more loyalty, oh) I send a question and soon I was told the emperor country station the web site (do not know whether the imperial resident gunmen HA) there is a person, tell me the tiger. (the old webmaster should know a lot.