Junior high school education personal webmaster site twists and turns

always want to record their own website, not because they have much success in this area, but because do stand in the process to have too much bitterness may only oneself know, not to be understood, at the expense of their own a lot of time. And his thinking is not clear, resulting in the website development speed is slow, and taking many detours, many of which are due to their lack of summary, so I will be a simple website diary, to share with you at the same time, also to motivate themselves and supervise their own."

first site

is the first station for 05 years, oh, the Internet, I was a soldier, in the computer room to find a computer server, a set of simple website program, start doing my first stop, was in the military network popularity or a small achievement, the highest day 800ip. (cattle have been compared in the Internet), I transferred to the unit, good times don’t last long, since the end of the


the second station,

06 years on the Internet to see a lot of people have their own personal homepage, dressed, personality, very cool, then apply the free space, but also made a personal web simple, monotonous, while I am in the site of the climax, unfortunately, free space suddenly stopped, once again ended web site.

the third station,

07 years, because of my online time more, decided to once again a free space station, said, I would fire large, some safeguards are not in a night, I finally bought the first impulse of the domain name and space I (akkj.com.cn), under a range of stars and rain station order. Get started, slowly began to change the program, according to their own ideas to beautify the website, did not expect to do stand is not easy, not easy to change the website, the website program defects and mistakes, change to go to some places not reach their desired effect, but they do not understand the code, not flash, also not PS, sometimes in order to change an error with a night time, a pack of cigarettes, a cup of tea to accompany, lonely, helpless, a little sleepy ~~~

later due to work reasons, did not have time to the Internet, the website has not been updated, and occasionally open the web site can access the Internet every day to see, only a few IP, until the 08 year, the Internet time, I began to care about my website at the same time, I contacted the Wangzhuan, rushed up to buy a forum, start learning Wangzhuan, and began to update the website and website promotion, do stand promotion difficult, more difficult, because of their own on the website of the direction of development is not clear, the generalization ability of SEO is lower, more fuzzy, lack of exchange of experience with other webmasters, web site remains in dozens of IP every day, wanted to give up to do well into the station, work and real life, but I always on the site of interest is not decreased, do stand hardships and pay back time, still can’t put my humble personal website, I Admin5 Shortly after contact, here I learned a lot of knowledge of websites, and I believe Admin5 also