Buy connection please be cautious and cautious

March 20th, third months of selling connections, no fewer than 50 friends who have worked together, and the connection has reached 80

here gives buyers some advice:

1. look at website BAIDU snapshot

see if the connection he sold yesterday was recorded by BAIDU, and if not, the 99% is a liar,

2. look at GOOGLE snapshot

prevents PR steering from being cheated

3. check included

recommends the use of  , while querying, collecting and anti connect situation, in addition, you can easily query PR

4. non ADMIN5 mediation does not work,

recently introduced a lot of the same ADMIN5 connection, which is quick to say in detail:

The three step:

* * * * set up a QQ group opens a website that intermediary, and also said that ADMIN5 is the first deal he initiated, no specific study in his group for 2 weeks, did not find the stationmaster received money, is estimated to have not reached a month.

in addition, there are many such intermediary alliances, some of the credit has been successful cooperation, and did not appear any bad records.

special remind: 100 Adsense with a Chinese introduction cooperation, according to a PR3 station, a person to do a PR3, generally 10 yuan, the credibility of the month intermediary is in 1000 yuan

The formation of

when the snow ball benefits, a personal webmaster will take tens of million or more, who can guarantee that these people a big temptation? Money, who would dare to guarantee that these so-called intermediary will still exist? One of a few hundred dollars a month is not much, when there are hundreds of people, the amount of in the yuan, when there are thousands of people, the amount of more than one hundred thousand, is not to say that the intermediary is a liar, when one day, these intermediary run, so we will cry, strongly recommended ADMIN5 intermediary transactions, avoid possible loss.