A comment on the forum’s replies to ad postings

in recent days, often go to the forum shopping, found the reply post in N advertising, there is only an expression map, other characters of the whole is to promote their products, something good, is to write a few comments on the article, followed with publicity of their company or product the text, the propaganda is perhaps they believed they would receive the actual effect, then you don’t know the marketing forum.

let me tell you, you in this way, even to the forum all years, even if the moderator does not delete your comment, you would not have the effect, so I can definitely tell you.

forum is a platform for the exchange of learning, here, we have successful experience and failure lessons, there are old people’s marketing experience to share, there are new people to help find the network can create a miracle, at the same time, also can let you never see the way. BBS marketing, not just send your product publicity, there will be customers to find you, this behavior will only make people feel disgusted, let your potential customers think you are not kind,.

and I don’t want to scare anyone, ask a customer to see your comments with and promote their products, I believe that the customer did not know how to locate you this man’s character! And compromised the integrity of your faith! People will not respect others of the article, and in you still advertise their products, such as good, you go to donate blood, but not to the doctor marked your name on the bottle, you go to the donation, write on their source in Renminbi to, you don’t think this objectionable? Keep abreast of is a kind of virtue, is to respect the results of others the labor, your virtue at the same time, but the pollution of their own character, how contradictory


forum environment on everyone to maintain, the forum is a forum for learning, exchange place, people is our common homeland, you are a part of them, not to no effect of publicity and the pollution of the land did not say, but also increased the workload of the moderator, as moderators they have the obligation to better serve you, but at the same time, also hope that these advertising people consciously, you have so much time to send advertising, rather than predecessors experience serious learning forum, so more than you hair advertising effectiveness than


respect other people is respect for yourself. I hope these people can really understand