How to quickly raise the PR value

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network enthusiasts, also built a few stations, including the software download site, online movie station, and business station, are personal hobbies. In the registration and use of domain name process, found that part of the domain name used only six months to PR4, dare not exclusive, especially to share with you.


method is simple:

first you have to have a relatively high PR value domain (I PR=4) resolved to your new site, then the newly registered domain name and the website to be bound, the PR value of GOOGLE after the update, you will find that the new domain name registration will rise to the original PR domain equivalent.

suggested in the GOOGLE update PR value before three months as appropriate, because GOOGLE to include new domain name, included to a certain amount, the new domain name PR value is the same as the old domain name.

illustrates with examples:

I do business website – China business information network: 2008 2008 began construction in May, August has been PR=0, then I put a PR=4 URL and bind to Chinese business online in 2008 October, GOOGLE found that the domain name and update the PR value up to PR4. At first thought it was the other problem, did not expect November 19, 2008 to apply for a new domain name also tied to China business online, do not have much time, the PR value of the domain name also rose to 4, so that the individual exists the PR value transfer effect, if you want to quickly improve their PR value, try. (personal opinion, subject to experiment: – ().

Description: this method is a personal exploration, only on behalf of personal views, there are incorrect, welcome to discuss.

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