A point of view on the operation of local websites

we do local stations, and initially with blood filled, three, five, in addition to two to pull up the banner to buy a domain name, since then, the world has one or more N sites. However, after the establishment of the discovery, the fact is not as simple as imagined, in most cases, you end up dead.

at the end of the year, occasionally leisure, and then casually wrote.

, avoid tantaiqiuquan and fancy

I remember a small local forum which was built at the very beginning. Now I see whether a person is unprofessional or not, first of all, how much is the forum section?. So many examples tell us, the page is not more, the more fine is appropriate, but less, more broad is good,

as for flowery, not to say more. I see many webmaster to plug-in style, come and go, and this way, it is easy to novice mistakes.

, don’t go for the latest version of the feature. The forum is based on sharing and communicating. It’s definitely not supported by games. From the beginning, I didn’t like SNS until now. Because the domestic SNS can not be FACEBOOK at all, look at the SNS of China. What is everybody doing? The answer is playing games.

How does

promote a local web site,


1, publicity and promotion is indispensable. But many people will only use the mass device to link up the group of mail, I can’t find any reason to click on you. But, if you’re out of your pocket (cooperation can), to make a meal, you tell the local people: "I want to hold free, free to sign up on the line, thread." I’m sure who saw who was interested. Some people say I paid hundreds of dollars for a bunch of people I don’t know. Is it worth it? I think it’s absolutely worth it.

promotion and publicity is definitely not the world’s hair link is so simple, hyperactivity brain.

2, content manufacturing and topic manufacturing. Do not go to the major forums to switch things, but also to change the post bar. A topic is the lifeblood of a forum. Local websites are based on local information, advice and topics.

, such as collecting local information, you call the 4S shop and say I want to help you promote it on the Internet free of charge, and expand the content of your website as much as possible. Is the 4S shop really going to turn you down,


a lot of things, some people want to, some people can not think of, just like that.

how do you make a local website


1, online activity

personal advice, activities should be sustained for a long period of time, you can play a brand name of activities, the theme of the monthly activities are inconsistent.

2, offline activity

here only refers to the non profitable offline activities. This point must be everyone will not repeat it.