How does the O2O layout of the nternet home improvement industry carry out the content operation

decoration is the traditional line industry, with the development of O2O in recent years, many Internet companies quickly began the layout of the decoration industry, the birth of many Internet plus Jiezhuang companies, but the decoration is absolutely not to buy clothes, take out the Internet decoration so simple, there is still a long way to go, the industry model is not very clear.

Internet decoration platform has two points is no doubt: content + services, Internet home improvement is difficult to rely solely on content operations to seize users, the need for content and services to match the two. The content is the basic service platform, because the Internet is sharing platform, users may from other channels to enter your platform, you consume content, accumulated a certain level of trust, and then enjoy your provide decoration services, so I always thought that the decoration industry content operation is crucial.

1. Definition of content operations

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from the website content point of view to understand the contents of operation, content operation refers to the collection of content, editing, typesetting, publishing, optimization of audit recommendation etc., the content presented to users, improve user stickiness, and through user feedback (read the readings, the length of stay) to further optimize the content operation direction.

two, the content requirements of the users of the decoration industry

Due to the complexity of the real

decoration, to understand the decoration, is really no more than 35 years really is not enough, so the 99% users of the decoration decoration is very strange, inside the user will often have a vague idea of what I want to pretend, but I was not very clear, so the user is usually the first to see the decoration effect diagram; then in order to decorate is not pit, so the user will consciously understand the relevant knowledge in the decoration decoration.

three, content management construction 1: decoration effect diagram

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the first effect on user pain points, because the first user will want to decorate what look like, what style of decoration, do not understand the user can go to the decoration renderings good look, do not have their own style of love. As a professional decoration site, one of the focus of our content operations is to provide owners with rich, diverse, stylish and beautiful decoration renderings.

1, effect diagram classification

There are many kinds of

renderings. We classify them according to the user’s search habits. They are classified according to style, size, space, area, part and color.

According to the

classification: modern minimalist style, the Nordic Jane, classical Chinese, American pastoral, Mediterranean, Japanese, Southeast Asian style mix,


in accordance with Huxing categories: small Huxing, one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom, four bedroom, villas, duplex, etc.;

according to space categories: entrance, living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, study room, children’s room, balcony, etc.;

According to the

classification: less than 50 square meters area, 5>