From 9flash to kiss baby

          when taking over 9flash, is undoubtedly full of confidence. Although the final failure can not be avoided, but such results always have to face up and bear, as promised that year, but also must be fulfilled.  : after facing up, he does not want to remember too much. It is a mirror that can be used for reference.

          because the foundation has two years, mobile website server midway stopped several times, no harm, let alone only users from the blog to the forum, is simple. In the pro treasure network or spent enough thought, every day for 12 hours in the BBS, and BBS mother continuous communication and communication, only the BBS today’s popularity and mother to the pro treasure never abandon. Pro Po network has so far not spend a penny in the promotion, is completely rely on word-of-mouth publicity, even at the end of November last year launched the song player until now about 400000 installed capacity, is also fully into its own traffic. This is the difference between us and the baby tree, the cradle of website, it may be because we do not have the promotion of strength, so that we will be committed to research and find out how to better service for moms, coincidences or intentions by worth mentioning, more than half of the forum of development, has been firmly put users in the mother the forum.