A grassroots webmaster forum to the novice webmaster suggestions

recently had no time to write, nor what language, do not dare to write, now Bozhuan too much, today you bite the bullet to write, Wang Jin has empty dots Bozhuan to write an article today, some suggestions for novice webmaster.

and I built a forum dedicated to the novice webmaster, also built a few group, every day dealing with these first webmaster friends, a lot of friends do not know how to use the FTP domain name, how to parse, every day in the group shouted a lot, do not ask, online tutorials? Simple tutorial I think a lot of, many of my friends do not know to find, I made the video tutorial on the forums, allowing them to download, they won’t go, each time to ask me, I told him in which section, I do not know they can not find, you didn’t see ah, I faint, I was looking for a good post to which they feel now, novice webmaster too lazy, do not know the initiative to learn, to know all day to ask, there is a saying: do not ask, but not what to ask, can do it yourself There is a question, Baidu, I have been adhering to the principle, really can not ask friends again. This is for the novice webmaster’s first suggestion: can find the answer, try to find, and really can not ask again, learn to take the initiative to learn.

novice webmaster do not want to ask for the moon, a lot of new Adsense into the group to ask, tell me how to earn money, how to how to make the number of days, I would say that you are not wrong group, here is the novice webmaster learning group, not the so-called Wangzhuan group, not directly to you mentioned the group has a lot of millionaires, and I asked what station to make money, I can only say, what stations are money, what are you interested in, the first to do it, slowly practice. And so on the website has some understanding, and then to concentrate on doing you want to make money site, this is to the novice’s second suggestions: don’t make fortune dream, step by step.

There is a lot of novice

and I QQ to ask questions, I feel so bad, first, I am very busy, can not give you detailed answers, and secondly, I do not know too many problems, can not answer, we have a group of three, and two hundred people in the group, someone will you know, we have a forum, you put the question to the forum, so I have time to give you detailed answers, but others have the same problem will not repeat the question, everyone asked me one or two questions really not much, but there are so many people, I really puzzled. Hope that the new webmaster friends, can understand our feelings, their own problems first to solve, so that their own impression is also deepened.

I am also a person, I all around me that sell my virtual host service asked that question, oh, they feel pretty patient, sometimes asked impatiently, for a long time not to return a word, now the feeling is, I also do virtual hosting business, to a little less all the problems, I basically do video tutorial answers, feel this method is good, province typing effort, ha ha, today just write these.