Dai Renguang just tell me what understand about blog marketing


blog marketing is a kind of chronic marketing, most of the marketing is marketing the marketing effect of chronic, often begin not to see, but as long as such a marketing system to build up, when accumulated to a certain extent, will gradually show the effect of marketing. Blog marketing is especially true. It takes a long time to run a business. Instead of opening a blog, you publish several product introductions, and then you never get involved. Some people every day to set up many new blog, and then publish product introduction, online registration can almost blog sites are not registered under the 5 blog, but I did not feel any effect of blog marketing. Because this is not blog marketing, just a simple blog spam.

blog marketing not for direct selling products

personal name? In the name of the enterprise in the name of the company? Department? Can initiate a blog, a business owner can, on behalf of business owners, such as Vanke CEO Wang Shi has his own blog, although Vanke is a real estate company and business enterprise, but Wang Shi’s blog rarely write directly 170000, write more and their related life, but the reader through the leader of the reading of Wang Shi Vanke’s blog, through the side of the text which can be more close to the understanding of 50000 enterprises. Or is the Department name, such as many Internet Co UED team opened a blog, through the blog can and peers, some of the details of product design and user communication, such as Taobao’s UED team blog: http://s.ued.taobao.com/blog/ through the blog to share some products taobao.com details, as well as the team’s life, you usually see some pretty easy with the function of some products and Taobao, these details through the blog to share out. Or share enterprise team drops, as in a Taobao shop business start-up team, can through the blog to share some interesting stories between the team and the customers, some hardships can share purchase team, team activities, corporate travel photos and so on, the details of these things on the blog. Compared to the direct products introduction, product purchase is much better, users love these interesting things every day to browse the team’s story, gradually independent to understand the operations of the team of the Taobao store, side information is more viscous than going directly to the understanding of the product, can also be the product is no longer cold the sales, with its more emotional.

blog, persistent marketing war,

through the blog to record, no one will come around, feel like automatic speaking to persist in a few days, a few days after the discovery, the blog progress is not satisfied, feel more and more is currently doing useless work, begin unconsciously began to release product information, low quality blog articles do not consciously drop. Think that blogging is not something that can get traffic and sales mode. This >