Analysis of the current market competition of local real estate network

the Internet is an open platform, and its openness is destined to involve a lot of people. The more people, the more opportunities, and the wider business opportunities. When the development of very influential on a large site, where sites are like bamboo shoots after a spring rain develops when gathering in crowds and groups, grassroots webmaster began to focus on vertical websites, all national major industry website has already occupied their territory. Finally, many webmasters began to look into the local industry website, one of the local real estate network is one of the typical cases, is currently the lower threshold of the Internet business, especially for those who want to own grassroots entrepreneurial people, is a low risk business effective type.

many owners have a variety of dreams, began the construction and operation of local property network, but the development results are not satisfactory, the success of the example is not much. The dream is not a boring time to think talk can be realized, requires great courage and determination, decisive action. The development of the local real estate market network how everyone is obvious to people, the prosperity of the real estate industry is the best description, to real estate industry achievement, market analysis is the first to face the grassroots webmaster and analysis of the problem.

real estate network is not what has long been a new industry, many years ago have excellent pioneer stands in the front room, and the recent focus of Sohu Sina Locke, which is in the forefront of the real estate website, the three is the vertical momentum of the real estate website. They have many advantages: business advantages, national platforms, professional and comprehensive services, especially traffic, high reputation, long history and broad style. They have long occupied the vast majority of the real estate website market, and want to survive in this environment and carry forward, it is really not so easy to imagine. Especially recently Soufangwang development momentum particularly fierce, SouFun currently claiming to be ranked first in the world of real estate website, the local real estate website covering 314 City, two or three basic line city has a local station Soufangwang real estate, so the dream only basic grassroots webmaster to 3 line city.

At present, there have been many

small town has formed a certain scale of local real estate website, they have a strong market resources, can rely on the strength of the company to achieve their business goals. In fact, not only is the webmaster of small town market, as early as two years ago, there are many national chain sites have started to enter the city county network market, but people have personal advantage, can concentrate on doing the real estate website, which do not have some small webmaster resources. So individual thinks, current grass root stationmaster still has standing room in county level city.

in general, the local real estate website competition is very fierce, want to do, and do well, need comprehensive planning, see the market, identify the opportunity. Can not head with those leading enterprises, it is like the egg stone. We should find their own characteristics and advantages, to carry forward, in order to avoid.