An hour GOOGLE included new station

, look at the picture,


this is the map of the 8 half this morning, the site has only 12 articles, the time of publication of the website at about 12 last night, the following to simple analysis, for your reference.

1. Originality of content. These 12 articles all through manual modification, change is not just a change of the paragraph, change a few words, only a download Kabasiji authorization document is written in their own, download the file compression is their own plus points in their own space, there is a need to download the file is processed into their own the space, I think it is GOOGLE so quickly included an important reason.

2. Place outside chain when publishing. It seems GOOGLE is love more frequently updated station, released the first time in his two station 121job with eqjob hung outside the chain, then hung up the 6 outdated forum signature chain, hanging 8 signature chain in the webmaster nets, Baidu know left 4 links. Fortunately, in the Baidu know that hanging links have not been removed, leaving the last link there, found the administrator to review link content, after that does not match the contents of the link I deleted, this time a little experience then send a content is in line with the questioner answer content.

on this simple two points, so that GOOGLE in an hour included my station, we can refer to.

new station at the time of the release must maintain a certain original content, don’t start without the demand for quality, the new station was not important, quality is the most important, my station only 12 articles included GOOGLE.

hanging outside the chain does not require as long as they have more refinement, then the first station to hang the chain in their own station, then go to Baidu know keep several links, also keep several links in the outdated stationmaster net forum, these are enough, then in a day, you can go to SITE on GOOGLE a.

leave a link below, we can refer to the small station, we do not see the link, I think AD, soft Wen, perhaps this will help you a little.

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