Hungry confession ‘m good and sexy please don’t be black

two days of this circle of friends crazy pass "hungry" to be the E round of investment Jingdong acquisition news: hungry related businesses will be integrated into the Jingdong’s O2O business Jingdong home, hungry cooperative businesses to import errors, to retain the BOD team, is in the form of cash + stock acquisition. Today, many people begin to analyze the possibility of the rumors becoming true.


, however, the two sides almost immediately came out with a rumor. Deng Tianzhuo, the man in charge of the Jingdong home, means "fake, fake.". Are we hungry? It’s a dream billion dollar start-up company". As for his Jingdong home, brother has said, to engage in the 3P strategy (to meet needs of the scene quality products (Product), the lowest price (Price) and personalized service (Personalized Service), O2O) is dominant, is aimed at Ali, and more and more "come home" game player for example, fit under the background of 58 home in 2, started to play the financial corporations, and even joined the public comment. It won’t take much time to take over a small overlord in takeout. But no death — do not rule out some of the vertical integration of investment of local life service O2O platform. Outside the takeaway, O2O platforms such as laundry, home economics, massage, manicure and medicine are potential targets.

hungry, the sound is also full of power, on the one hand clearly stated: "do not sell, uncle, we do not sell."". On the other hand, take the opportunity to tell you, "a little hungry," the status quo. For example, has now covered more than 260 cities, daily orders peak more than 2 million single, covering more than 3000 colleges and universities, nearly 6000 employees, including self logistics team 2000 people. Hungry, vice president Luo Yulong said, some data by the end of this year will even turn four or five times.

, according to Analysys reports, in 2014, China’s Internet food takeaway market share orders, hungry, to 30.58% in the first place?. In the takeaway market segments, hungry, respectively, to 35.6%, 28.8%, 18.5% of the market share, leading the campus, white-collar and family three scenes market?.


hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao in the E round of financing has said the conference, hungry focus this year in addition to continue to consolidate the campus market, will be: 1, large-scale development of white-collar workers, family scenes, quick access to the user through the integration of all the advantages; 2, to build its own logistics platform as the center, logistics socialization logistics supplement, laying extensive coverage of the "last mile" logistics network.

so, in order to open up new markets, access to high-end users recognized, hungry, what is a cock wire counter attack?. In the past the black workshop scandal, pushed the subsidy battle should try to dilute, TMT >