For the owners who want to do the industry station please look at it

I said the industry is B2B site, I hope you understand, may not be in order.

1. on registration

the operating site record is required, requirements of the registered capital of the company: 100Wrmb. Therefore, can not find affiliated companies or their strength, it is recommended not to do industry stations. Even if it is done, it is also a controversial thing.

2.: pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical investment station station approval than ordinary industry website system is more complicated than the capital you have, but also in the record, the pharmaceutical industry business license approval website. There’s a guarantee, etc.. I have been in the medical station for three months, and have not yet been approved, has been unable to release. Suggest comrades in arms attention, medical site is not said to open on the opening, but also take the legal road. Once there is no record complete, the consequences will be unimaginable. Unless you don’t want to make a profit, ^_^

3. industry website + Forum

industry stations and forums closed, I’m afraid Alibaba is the way to start, but comrades remember, you are not Ma, you do not operate Alibaba. So success is a long way from us. The forum will be free of charge. We need to do industry, not the flow, but settled enterprises. Forum is optional.

4. site construction analysis:

industry website construction seems easy, but in fact is not the case.


1. Alibaba’s successful model: Ali was successful, because Ma did not understand the website construction. So, when he proposed a website concept to achieve, basically, after experiencing all the sites he saw, think of the era of humanization. So he succeeded. Because he dares to think.

we are different, we did not go to think carefully of such industry site, need to give him what kind of vitality to success. A single copy model, then you won’t make the same as ma. I remember when we were in college, our mentor once told us something:

replication is the death of successful models.

wants to achieve the same success as your copy. First you need a good idea, and secondly, take your chances.

now the opportunities are in front of us, but I don’t see the inspiration. After all, there is no innovation. Easy to network, are not one copy of it.

and you’re not using it yourself.

2. how do we succeed:

one of the advantages and disadvantages: means that when we know that our weaknesses are imitating a mature brand, publicity seems to be more in our newly developed technology projects or services.

second, increase input: reasonable technical staff. Invite >