Chinese information is not saturated the future of personal websites is bright

do not know which see in the article, said Baidu has now announced that Chinese Internet information saturation is 700%, this is the implication if Baidu K 85% off the station, Baidu still can find the information they need for users.

when I read this sentence that because when I use the search also found this problem is the search results always have a large number of repeated results, but this is obviously after filtering search engine results, otherwise it will be more. The repetition rate is even more than seven times, so Baidu says saturation of 700% doesn’t seem excessive.

but this view has changed since I saw the internet.

Some people may want to

off the web, hold hands, after you visited fast allusion net, you will know that it is not soft, because at that time you may have the same idea: the network is the need for such sites, such sites too should let as many people know.

has long ago been saying that personal web sites offer the Internet something that business sites are never likely to offer.

fast code network is an example, this seemingly simple interface behind, condensing the webmaster a lot of time and sweat, and these pay is not the pursuit of returns. If such a site to do business, may require several or even dozens of people take a longer time to complete, which means to invest a large amount of cost, and the product quality may discount. In fact, what the fast web does is only a small part of so many things that need to be done. There are many, many things that no one does. In sharp contrast, it was several times that human resources were invested in those already over 700% of saturation. Therefore, the information on the Internet is not saturated, but partial saturation, as well as a large new continent waiting for us to pioneer and develop it.

here has to ask a question: what do you most yearn for? I think all the things that most people yearn for are fundamentally the same, that is: happiness. Some people will say I yearn for money, you want money for what, not to spend money when the joy of it? Money to buy a car is happy, money to build a website is also happy. So the thing that makes people happy in the world is not money. Money is just the necessary preparation for happiness.

, a website that is loved by thousands of people and a lot of money, which makes you happier?

I think, for a real webmaster, nothing is more pleasant than your website. Of course, if you can be loved and can bring the income is better, and if in order to bring the income to let visitors do unpleasant things, then you should not really the webmaster webmaster, lossy two character image.

of course, as Guo Jijun, the site’s chief executive, said, "everything is on the premise."