am T practitioners not to QQ group promotion kicked kicked share

An important channel for the promotion of the

network is the QQ group, every promotion personnel will be kicked out of the group QQ group administrator or group leader experience, QQ group promotion effect is immediate, it is for love. For the network popularization personnel have the perseverance and determination to never yield in spite of reverses is not enough, also need to pay attention to some details, although I can do is to play the IT practitioner but not. What is the effect of the number of QQ group promotion, QQ group ranging from dozens of people, more than 500 people, received the same message in the QQ group of products or services for several times, QQ group members will construct a psychological concept of intangible products, so as to achieve the effect of marketing force. Like "melatonin" TV ads, no matter in which channel can see high frequency, when you need to buy gifts, do not know what to buy, think of this year’s holiday gifts." This sentence。

high efficiency do QQ group promotion, completely changed the "it" embarrassing situation, to share the following three points:

1. every day in QQ group reported a, let more group members remember you,

put his name into their own QQ group advertising language, every day on the line, in the group with the other group members say hello, report, can send a joke we laugh, can also send a funny pictures to active QQ group atmosphere, so that the Lord will QQ group administrator and group think you is an active member of the group, will not easily catch your QQ group, but also to let other people remember your name, even if you don’t send promotional information, people will gradually to your QQ group name has accumulated impression.

2. sends messages in the QQ group, using more intuitive pictures and animations,

relative to the text, the picture is vivid and interesting, more likely to attract attention, in the QQ group to send a message to the pictures and GIF animation, advertising content form that is easier to be accepted by people, as long as not illegal or extremely objectionable content, administrators and administrators are not kicked out of the group. Picture size and QQ group dialog box size is quite, no one would like to see a picture full screen. The pictures are as small as possible and will be displayed soon after they are sent out to avoid loading too long or not on the computer of some of the members of the group.

3.QQ group auxiliary function, QQ group sharing, QQ group new things, QQ group pictures, QQ space post

upload files and share resources in QQ group sharing. To find some useful resources uploaded to the QQ group sharing, such as technical tutorials, e-books, jokes, green software, customers and other useful resources, you can put the contents of advertisements interspersed in the upload resources, such as documents, e-books, web shortcuts, you can see that this new QQ group shared every time QQ group members open dialog box, the effect is very strong.

and QQ group, new things, QQ group pictures >