Beauty webmaster founded gynecological forum mentality course

being a woman is not easy. This sentence is not false at all. Especially when you are deprived of your right to health, no one can think of that helplessness. When I remember what I don’t understand, the memory of a soap opera line is so deep: "I can’t allow myself to have gynecological diseases."". Think about all funny, once thought gynecological disease is a kind of life from how far away things. Until college, seeing the girls to love at all what dedication, accustomed to their own consequences and suffered the cold and high doctor medicine trouble. At that time, lying in bed most of the girls talk to mature women how to cure infection of gynecological diseases, so the thing, fear of being despised more brazen chicanery "virgin will get disease of Department of gynaecology" at that time to accompany the students to go to the doctor, small private hospitals are crowded with queuing abortion girl. They looked at the faint from the operation room, in addition to being scared at a loss boys, the man behind the many girls have not appeared. How many girls at the age of 22, is under the oppression of gynecological diseases quietly spent?. Everyone is forced to accept maturity. Women are used to stubbornly thinking that this is his fault, and now think about it, only women will not cherish themselves. Sex is not wrong, it’s wrong. We don’t know how to be healthy.

people always know how to cherish when they lose, and that’s what I think. In later years, I began to pay no attention to my private parts. Every day to observe the leucorrhea, giving all the. It’s worse than "bacterial phobia."". The right to watch on the gynecological disease of things on the web, it is not found that women without gynecological diseases, we are plagued by various gynecological diseases, usually spend countless, but less effective. Many girls are ashamed to go to the hospital, afraid to hit the wall, and then aimlessly in some private hospitals on the BBS post, and the result of what the answer is not. Many people choose to ask questions in the QQ group, but was very chaotic, we hammer West a wooden stick, there are a lot of boys mixed in watching "lively", there is the drug dealer in the sale of drugs! I suddenly feel very sad, so much to worry about gynecological women, but no one can let you comfortably to solve the problem of local. The sight of women’s blindness and anxiety made them feel very sad. One night, tossing and turning, determined to open up a real special forum to help you solve gynecological problems. This is what I did for the gospel gynecology forum. Name her gospel, and hope my forum brings good news and good luck to all sisters. Contact the sisters, we all do, day and night for the busy station. From the forum layout selection to the plate formulation, we are carefully studied. We focus on the gynecological disease area, this is our essence, and there is a very urgent for the "patient" service doctor online Q & a section. In addition, we also consider to let women "rainy day", and know how to cherish themselves, so the creation of a gynecological health care center, from mother to child beauty, body, all aspects. In solution >