From Google Adsense localization talk about personal site profit model

is pleased to see such a legendary Google Internet giant also began to value the China personal Adsense market, and began to close the majority of small owners, we Anhui in Hefei this is the rise of the Internet market in Anhui held a Anhui is the first stage of GOOGLE elite salon owners. I do for the Anhui Internet Alliance organizers and company of Anhui IDC professional operators Yanhuang network for GOOGLE China the Organizing Committee and attend the salon of the webmaster friends to express my heartfelt thanks, I believe in strong support of everyone, Anhui tomorrow will be even better in the internet.

I had engaged in web related work, about 02 years to make the first personal site, the personal site development is really difficult, not what a good profit model, whether advertising or fees are not mature, individual sites are difficult, and that when the space is also very you are very complex, along with the increase of flow rate will often be unable to access the situation. I can only remember advertising is 8848 advertising and SMS alliance, but also the difficulties, one day there are hundreds of thousands of PV entertainment portal income could not pay at that time and a friend of operation, the time I remember is half a server I was using, so the expenditure is not small. But there was no matter what the wind, only by me and my friend’s salary to that time and cost burden of arena site fire, our agent fee to maintain site space arena arena is spending to do procedures, initial contact to the IDC in this field. Oh, pull away, when it did profit model too little. About 04-05 network has entered a new period, when the network economy began a substantial recovery from that time I began to officially cut IDC market, because in this industry this IDC so many webmaster contact size, they also began to have a variety of ways to profit, which impressed me most of all our GOOGLE advertising, Google AdSense is ranked first in the domestic network alliance, and every day there are more than 1000 sites in the application to join, and in the global cooperation, Google AdSense and more than 1 million 500 thousand sites, with more than 1 million advertisers source. Since that time advertising is not much, but the temptation of foreign currency is also great, GOOGLE advertising has become a very mysterious and very profitable profit model, but at that time, the GOOGLE audit is very strict, but not now so Chinese version of that only many professional webmaster will know how to apply for Google through advertising, and advertising GOOGLE and lucrative, are trying to understand how to join the GOOGLE alliance if through GOOGLE, so we can see that the GOOGLE has been in our China webmaster heart position is very high.

himself also opened in 05 years