Customer service window a small user experience lose greatly

open the target website, did not see the specific content, will play a few seconds service small window, "Hello, excuse me, what can do for you?" here is the active greeting customer service visit, eye-catching phone, such as WeChat’s contact, which is the general routine. What’s more, after closing the pop-up, it automatically pops up in a few seconds. Such small details we may not, but I want to say: a small bomb service window, the user experience greatly lose a.

first look at the two case page:


, the whole page is horrible, and the customer service window is really a lot!



central customer service popups, seriously affecting the reading, customers must respond.

how about this kind of page, almost every day, to tell the truth, personally feel that the user experience is very bad. Pop-up forms like psoriasis ad, I do not know how you feel


clearly, there are several disadvantages to such popups:

1, shading interferes with effective information, making user experience worse;

2, general mandatory user response, should be excessive marketing.

these 2 years the Internet industry about the user experience, the so-called marketing website rampant, customer service has become almost all pop standard enterprise website, but the details of the user experience of grinding indeed there is still much room for improvement.

from a marketing point of view, the goal of customer service system design is to provide customers with satisfactory service, rather than excessive service. Afraid to come easily lost users, in order to improve the transformation, active pop-up customer service form, at the starting point is good, but the user experience is counterproductive. It is better to work harder on creativity and content. Marketing is by no means inferior to pop-up windows that contain contacts.

stands at the user’s point of view, and the user enters the site, no matter what the way, only he or she finds a potentially relevant goal. The important factor that can decide whether to continue his visit is whether the information value of the website meets his demands. Mature web users today will only contact customers when they want to know more about products, services, or purchases. It’s basically the same scene as everyone shopping in the mall. I believe that no customer likes a chatter of sales in your ear, like a little window that pops up. When the customer has the basic intention, sales and timely emergence, the possibility of a single increase will greatly increase the efficiency of conversion. Otherwise, the sales process will only be blocked.

on the basis of this recognition, the individual in the operation site that pay more attention to this aspect of the customer experience, what Baidu business, a variety of online customer service system in the middle of the window window, all closed, generally leave an online exchange only on the right side of the page service menu, with a "contact us" link in the secondary menu, >