Do we understand Zhang Xiaolong’s WeChat eight

[core tip] rarely listen to Zhang Xiaolong in WeChat open class Pro version of his more than 10 minutes of his own ideas, but his future direction of WeChat’s expression, still need to carefully consider the next.

Zhang Peng | paper

Vice president of Tencent, WeChat Group CEO Zhang Xiaolong

almost never appear in public, in December 11th, WeChat and WeChat jointly sponsored by the geeks park open class PRO version of the conference, by way of video breath to speak for more than 10 minutes on the WeChat eight thinking, then, a lot of people circle of friends is the "eight" Zhang Xiaolong WeChat Shuabing nearly an hour.

Zhang Xiaolong’s speech this is the first time in the last more than 10 games of WeChat’s open class, and even Zhang Xiaolong hasn’t had an active public speaking speech in the past few years. It is said that before a colleague gave Zhang Xiaolong ready to more "normal" speech content and conference welcome speech, the Zhang Xiaolong finally prepared myself an outline, it is almost a mirror very coherent about him with a set of system thinking.

however, I think the content spread speech in the ten minute video, you may mostly because of fresh and exciting, for he told these things behind what it means, there are few in-depth interpretation.

remember to start a series of open courses in this year to WeChat early my first conversation with Zhang Xiaolong, the purpose is to WeChat’s thinking real spread, let people talking about WeChat not only think of marketing, such as traffic, but in the WeChat platform to go into the real business innovation. The idea was carried out by the WeChat team in the course of the year. WeChat open class pick they think is going in the right direction of the case for preaching, in 7 city held a total of 11 open class, a big contribution to the spread of this year for WeChat and WeChat have the wisdom of thinking.

, and this WeChat and geeks Park cooperation PRO version of the open class, can be seen as a year of WeChat’s propaganda and summary, especially WeChat official in the general direction of WeChat developers guide. So the eight of Zhang Xiaolong, consistent with the WeChat open classes of the past year, will find WeChat’s increasingly clear and complete line of thinking.

if we put eight points and Zhang Xiaolong untied, you will find that basically talking about three things: the WeChat values is what? What is the WeChat and WeChat, and boundary rules? Hope to bring you to


what is WeChat’s values,


Zhang Xiaolong said the opening of the first nature, is clearly in the "who value" — he said WeChat "to encourage valuable service, but this is not to say that the value of commercial value, but stressed that the value provided to the user. From the WeChat open class PRO version of the choice of five sharing cases, the corresponding is the most common modern parking, security, office, home economics and dining five scenes. >