Four years Wangzhuan network history

network to make money, probably from 2004, I began to contact! At that time the domestic only rarely a number of people have this concept! (I may be, but I was around with very limited knowledge and scanty information) does not have people doing this, the students heard that money when seemed inconceivable. I remember in 2004 when there is such a loophole in vent, is that we can use the payment page does not stop the advance back to brush qq COINS, it is the first time I make money, but also earn most of the time, I do not say the specific figures in two years later, I have no pocket money home to find


at the same time, I was exposed to the hacker technology, this one, the domestic network security awareness can be said that is low enough to make people unbelievable, once a night, I use an overflow MSSQL, wrote a small script, unattended caught more than 400 chickens, everywhere give the result, when someone came to see me, I find a general intrusion, 50 station, station on price and decide, I don’t know what he used to do at that time? Just to remind him not to move people, to do more than a month later, he accidentally spilled the beans to chat again that horse is used to spread the virus, I was scared, and I remember to give him the gallant WEBSHELL. I hate the Trojan virus itself, the invasion is just playing, I did not think so much. So I never worked with him again. He said I was stupid. He earned more than 6 figures a month. That’s what people behind you say. When I graduated, I heard that he was arrested. I knew it was a matter of time, and my choice was right.

senior, because they have a network based, with computer technology in city to work more prominent, so the difficult problem, some boss will think of me, after the finish will give me a little. I remember this computer city very few people actually will match the switch! I use an hour to help people with a simple two switches, the man gave me 1000 yuan, I remember when I learn CCNA, Shanghai talent network Guangzhou there has been a bit saturated! 4 because of working and (oh, usually do not make-up class, hang a lot of doors) how did the internet.

after graduation, the family spent a lot of effort to help me find a secure job, but also with professional counterparts, but also belongs to the civil service nature. Most importantly, I had a computer room, 100 M bandwidth, and multiple idle servers, so I started to do the station. I always think of a good way to make money is to stabilize the


before and after do not under 10 stations, creating a small team, I made a little money, through the analysis of the past 1 years, I found that I do stand are too common stop! Never bigger! I estimate technology, and other aspects of the economy is not a problem, so I start preparing to do a formal large station.

, I’ll never give up on the internet. I will use my best ability to solve all the problems I will face. I’ve got a lot of things in the Internet four years, not only >