Discussion on CRM management of marketing website operation

The entire core of the

CRM management system is user data management. We can view the user database as a data center, so that for the marketing website, you can easily record all the activities in the entire market and sales process and the user. And the website can also track the status of various activities, establish statistical models of all kinds of data for later analysis and decision support.

for CRM management system, many webmaster are not very understanding, and for its use and function are ignorant, the following, the author will for you webmaster brief analysis of CRM management system.

1, CRM management system profile

CRM management system refers to the enterprise to use CRM to manage the relationship between customers. CRM is a business strategy to select and manage valued customers and their relationships. CRM requires customer focused business philosophy and corporate culture to support effective marketing, sales and service processes. CRM is a method and process for acquiring, maintaining and increasing profitable customers. CRM is a new, international leading, customer centered enterprise management theory, business ideas and business models, is also a kind of information technology as a means to effectively increase the income of the enterprise, the software of customer satisfaction, employee productivity and realizing method.

The application value of

two and CRM management system

2.1 enhances management visibility

The use of

CRM management system allows managers to more clearly and intuitively understand the business operation of the enterprise, and the background of data management, help enterprises to carry out sales forecasting and auxiliary analysis. Thus more conducive to the operation of marketing websites and product sales.

2.2 improves user satisfaction

CRM management system to improve the perfect after-sale tracking system, to provide users with a new user experience, you can strengthen the enterprise’s loyal users and attract more potential users. One stop service system enables users to really experience the professional quality of service brought by marketing websites.

2.3 promotes sales performance

CRM management system can monitor and remind sales staff throughout the process, and help sales staff standardized sales process, thereby enhancing sales staff work efficiency and improve the quality of work. And also for the sales staff to track sales progress, recording and communication details between users, thereby enhancing the conversion rate of users, and enhance the turnover rate of marketing websites.

Function analysis of

three and CRM management system

3.1 user information management function

CRM management system can record the user consumer information on the site, and can be classified, users organize information, to solve the problem of most marketing enterprises forgotten old users, blindly looking for new users, through the CRM management system, data can be carried out.