Five aspects of online shop attention

now shop online has become a trend, more and more people choose to shop online, in fact, is a kind of trend, with the popularity of the network and improve the safety of payment, online shop is the best way to solve the problem of unemployment, it Chinese authority website information station expert Chinese shop statistics, as of December 2007, more than China occupation network 1 million, this number can be said to a great extent, the formation of a new group:


one, climate

The first university of

in 2008, will be the Chinese underground white, in many network operators feel leisurely SOHO at home at the same time, a greater crisis suddenly hit: logistics company outage.

imagine, even the Spring Festival has stopped, our goods have flights can be shipped to the airport? All closed, in addition to relief to disaster areas to die off, why would anyone give priority to the transportation of your baby


so for climate change, the university has really gave us a moment, it is understood to give a lot of friends, for the heavy snow blocked the road not understanding emerged: in order to catch the Spring Festival season, at the crazy stock backlog, but for half a month of heavy snow in the logistics network paralysis, which makes a lot of backlog more serious.

so that everyone in the future, in the seasons of the occasion, pay attention to weather changes, for example, often on the net, before the weather forecast, see older people often see the weather in Central Taiwan, many people still do not understand, think now what is the network world, why so concerned about the weather? But to do business, at least 08 years beginning, really have to take god.

two, exchange rate

our people, do not follow the so-called economists to mix the so-called subprime crisis what ah, ah like the global economic overheating phenomenon, just look a little: exchange rate, in 07 years to do foreign trade business friends looked melancholy, the RMB dollar falling, 1:8 development may be even 7 keep not to live, such a wide range of exchange rate changes, making a special meal to eat foreign friends is very distressed.

may be some network operators will say: what should not affect it, a piece of money, but as the foreign trade, once the sale is certainly not like C2C e-businessmen as scattered, scattered even buy, the profit is not high (because there are individual foreign trade at the very thin) if the exchange rate a cross, basically not to earn what money.

so you have to pay more attention to the exchange rate. If there is a big change, you have to adjust the price, even the whole year’s marketing plan.

three, domain name

many network operators starting from, slowly and at the end of the day, try to open my own business, and give a lot of independent operation and independent shop in the mall is very familiar with, leading to a lot of network failure in personal store, big bird are repeatedly declared not recommended to give.