The road for a disabled man

high, because a serious illness, I drop out of school at home, every day I face is to take medicine, treatment, waiting. After eight or nine years of treatment and rehabilitation, it is now basically normal. Although my leg was able to walk, I was left with a disability certificate. Because the beginning can not go, so I spend most of my time at home, watch TV, in a daze, and their own dialogue, amuse myself, make yourself look happy, and imagine for a better future.

later walked his legs and stayed at mom’s shop. I’ll go online if I buy the change left by the medicine. A man stays alone for a long time, and what he most desires is to communicate with others. So I was chatting online, looking for a beautiful girl to talk about my heart and comfort my lonely heart. Unfortunately, I am introverted, not good at words, and separated from the outside world for too long. The ability to communicate has been lost. Talking for a while, other people felt bored and stopped talking to me, and then I stopped talking.

the disabled are most anxious to get back to normal, and that’s another job. The Internet for a long time, also know the word "Wangzhuan", I know I can’t find what work like this, so I want to start from the internet. At first it was clicked, surfing, and I was on the Internet two or three times a week. A NEWSBAR news times at least I rushed a year of waves, barely TIDA to 30 yuan, then also did not receive the money, anyway, the Internet will not be able to earn fees. In the disability self-improvement forum received typing live, because there is no money online, playing the words are less, and did not make any money. Later apply to the minimum security, the Internet also more opportunities. I found the job of posting a job on a disabled website. I remember it was in 2007 August 14th, and in September I received 140 yuan salary.

then made about three hundred or four hundred a month, and finally five hundred or six hundred was fine. Has been done in April this year only to stop, may be affected by the financial crisis, the post company can not receive any tasks, and finally fewer and fewer tasks every day. In the posting company at the same time, I will find some other activities, help others propaganda clothing, propaganda website what, also help others website update, so to site also probably know some. Working long hours, always want to be the boss, and also have the idea of opening the website. But do what can be so easy! First asking for money (although the website few have money), the little money I earn to mom, no way, Chinese traditional medicine to eat a few trucks, spend the money at home has enough, this is payback time. Secondly, we must have traffic. So I save money while looking for experts to learn the skills of traffic.

Flow method

the teacher is quite tricky, because I am stupid, can only do some of the dead, that kind of skill I really do. I applied for 07 years to GG, has been unable to get traffic, put it there, no tube. Then I saw a GG that didn’t rely on the website. I wanted to try it. That’s mofile video network. He can allow >

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