The most important thing to do is to impetuous

some stationmaster "look at the top of the mountain, East West a hammer, hammer made a point of doing things tasted, proud, face setbacks on the negative, day and night dream, fantasy flourishes, or get some software acquisition intention mining all over the world for me, a lot of garbage sites on the Internet, do not want to do concentrate from a little trivial, quiet heart to think seriously about the direction of development, their quiet heart to study the system of knowledge, keen on SEO, ignoring the site’s overall development planning…


above, these are impetuous some of the performance.

What is the cause of the impetuous

? I think a very important reason is: to do business (or did not take this as a cause) the present situation, trend and prospect and the lack of a clear understanding of the law, so as to the lack of a set of steps, step by step according to the class website development planning or planning.


successfully planned network business own? It cannot do without the process of learning, communication, practice and study and exchange, and then practice, TNTBBS is to give the necessary webmaster entrepreneurial learning and communication and the establishment, so that we have a good platform for learning and exchange, learn from each other and cooperate with each other in the process of entrepreneurial network.

does not experience the wind and rain, how can see the rainbow, nobody can casually succeed. The way is to overcome the impetuous impetuous upside down upside down to read, read is "benefit": not only thinking about how to make money quickly, to start thinking about how to act for the public interests, how to create value for society, how to make a contribution to society, remove unrealistic dreams, get the job of a society good things have worked before harvest, even to Buddhism say "good deeds, but worry about the future of the state, the network is becoming more and more mature and perfect, such thing is almost No.

is precisely because the network is maturing and perfect, many profit system will be established and perfect, so this time we need to adhere to, and adhere to the spring flowers.

Zhu Geliang said: "the hometown of Shandong non indifferent to Ming, quiet Zhi Yuan" and "energy-saving, not insurance cannot rule Lijing impatient", Shandong fellow Sun Wu said: "one day, two days, three days, four days, five day method." These five conditions do not have, or steadfast good. Be quiet as a virgin, as". Shandong fellow Mencius said: "the day as location, terrain and better", at the right time you have any one of, if not still quietly create conditions. Confucius, a villager from Shandong, said: "Haste makes waste."". Fellow Shandong Wang said: "eat hot tofu", ha ha.

is not in a calm mood, blundering confidence, impetuous work is taboo, do stand taboo, removal can achieve a big industry impetuous.

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