A little understanding and summary of SEO

everyone is doing a website, there are some hobbies, which is on the site to eat, what is the most important of the 21 world website? How to improve traffic flow!, I now ugly, actually you certainly know more than me. The main thing is to improve traffic is from the site itself to consider, simply speaking, is to own web site for a whole SEO page search engine optimization.

What is the "

SEO"? Simple explanation is that through the adjustment and design of artificial, let your web site in the search engine (mainly based on Google Baidu, because competitive ranking of search results, artificial interference, which is why some people say "Google is doing business, Baidu is doing business." however, as long as your site in Google can get good rankings, so in other search engines will not be too bad. ) the search results ranking, on the benefits of natural needless to say, is to increase the site by clicking on the opportunity, few people love to turn on 10 pages to a web site, of course, patience good time many friends exceptions, either you have a special purpose, such as: help female friends find a very old song, if not, let’s break up ^_^

is currently online professional SEO services company, no matter how they, dragons and fishes jumbled together, their common characteristic is that the miraculous, said: "with the contact will give me to optimize your site, XX period, make your site search engine on the position of XX in XX, so that" bad? There is so much, of course, I mean those with real skill, not a liar.

I know SEO is very limited, but I am not a liar, ha ha, because I didn’t cheat you money, of course, if you read the following text did not feel what meaning that I was a liar, because I lied to you time and time = money.

on the SEO experience, there are many online tutorials, what "keyword density", "PR", "static and dynamic pages" and so on, interested friends to Google you know, at first glance is very complex, good, is very troublesome, but you also don’t respect far, SEO and without you think so mysterious, reason:

1, no one knows how to do it is to be effective because of the so-called SEO SEO, are we summed up the previous experience, Google may not allow you to freely manipulate its search results, otherwise the world would not disrupt? From this point, the so-called SEO this line of master it is more than you had several bridges, road cooked only, don’t take them as God, drink spit ^_^

2, because of the complexity Chinese grammar, word formation, foreign SEO experience does not meet our conditions, that is to optimize a website is not equal to English can optimize a Chinese website, this also means that for us, Chinese to >

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