Do station experience 15 days to achieve P jump from 60 to 800

website, say plainly, is to make money, how to make money? This is the majority of webmaster most concerned about the topic.

, let me talk about my method, 15 days to achieve the day IP jump from 60 to 800, in fact, the practice is not too difficult…… As long as we insist, now, I will say I do, master don’t watch it, but I was less than 600 IP on display slight skill before an expert, I can refer to it.

one, even replace popular keywords


keyword must ensure that the click rate is high, if you don’t know what more popular keywords, to Baidu and list them and find out the updated every day, the selected words in general not too much, 4 – 5, and around these keywords in the content of the web site.

The content of

two website wants originality, fresh

as everyone knows, search engine has been the most interested in fresh original content, for a new sites, I strongly suggest that the original content must be more, my standard is above 2/3, the appropriate time, we can get some "pseudo original" content, the content is updated every day to can do it within a week, the search engine will certainly attract, at that time IP sure can reach a new level. If you don’t know what the content is original, I recommend to you a station for reference: – (10000 Entertainment Network), the original rate accounted for 70%, as long as you reach this standard, insist on, waiting for the arrival of the major search engines –

three find someone else to do some links

if your station is a new word, I advise you to find someone else to do Links, can also go to the famous forum and blog can send some articles, the middle to remember to plug their website address.

Promotion of

four website

to Baidu search to see, what is more suitable for their own navigation station, immediately joined! For us such a high visibility flow is not new sites, navigation station can bring flow far search engines and other methods, this day I encourage you to try. The other is to some network owners to publish some soft Wen, there are many other ways, not afraid of tired, the site was a tiring thing.

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