How to improve the flow of website construction

for the first time, Wang Wang and everyone prawns, take care of ~~

I read a lot of websites about how to improve the site traffic rapidly, mostly talk about the site location, take a good name, the keywords selected site, and then determine their own domain name, that is very thorough, about the very place. However, we have done the site, that is because the first step to give an untimely help, we could not again! To have been building a good website, how can we do this? Let me talk a little bit about my own practice, it may be helpful to you


first, the content of the website is to increase the traffic core of

people on the Internet are to find and appreciate what they need, if your site is not what people look at the left, there is no repeat, then your website is just ten thousand flow, only a small


, a, relocate your website and build your own

you can reconsider what your site will fit into, so you can adjust your site’s content

, B, statistics on your website

often study their own website statistics, to see where people come in, and where to go out, on which pages stay longer. Doing so will help us find what people want and make it easier for us to adjust the content of the site.

C, production hot topic

is a hot topic attracting people’s focus, you can target people near a stage is very concerned about the topic made a hot topic related to each other, such as the previous stage "Edison Chan" "pornographic" topic more, making this topic is to make your site of the old customers can stay at home can feel the outside world, it is conducive to the stability of their website customer groups.

D, reasonable paging

in some forums, I began to post their own trouble, took the number one post maximum unlimited text, such as forwarding a novel "widow spring: I and the widow" landlord, the article is easy, open the page speed has become very slow, no one wants to see. Reasonable paging can improve your page speed, but also can make your customers stay in your site longer, but also improve the site of PV, Why not?? but not for paging and paging, paging is a double-edged sword, accidentally will make your customer dissatisfaction. This point, must be careful.

e, increase original content

Originality of the content of

website is very important to a website. If you want to run your website well, I advise you not to be lazy and collect other people’s content. If you’re crazy about collecting rights, what I said before is bullshit. You can do it yourself

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