From the network to Academy of Fine Arts and then to perfect webmaster ten years of history

In 1999,

began to contact what all don’t understand the network when a friend’s introduction, a prefecture level city in the only Internet cafe, with a night time, don’t know what to do, when the Internet fee is 20 yuan per hour, I think there are still some broken memories!

2000 really started to contact the computer at the time of the DOS training training class is the huge crowds of people, every little time will have different people to training, this year I learned five pen typing, word and Excel installed, install the system (Win98) and the formation of Novell Network.

worked in an Internet cafe with only 20 computers at the time in the second half of 2000, and started the early network management, which was called "network management", that is, teaching people to access the Internet and repair computers at ordinary times. However, I have met many close friends in the Internet community, some of whom are still in touch and cooperation. At that time, in the Internet bar work free time, learned the web design three musketeers, also asked the local zip code for the web site. I haven’t managed it for less than a year. I remember as a website of an Internet cafe alliance. I still feel good about myself, and now it’s too low-level. Today’s domain name has long been the site of our best-known local web design company. Now I want to, I was too single-minded.

2001 left the cafe, one of the reasons is the time when on duty in the evening of the host computer parts stolen nearly five thousand yuan worth of parts, without the salary, the boss also don’t me, had to leave the Internet do not place money, to find another way. Because of the computer network maintenance and small experienced me soon at a local computer company to find a job, then the computer industry is very hot, our company is doing at the time of the construction of the school network this one, the boss finally earned a lot of money. The computer company to work in less than a year, the boss suddenly disappeared in the local, I and several colleagues at that time still do not know the reason, so we have to put the property of the company carved a space, as we count down wages.

I decided to open a computer training room

at the end of 2001, so the 8 put all sorts of things together to buy a Pentium computer at our town’s first computer training room, also service typing printing business, usually also do a little design, the dream is to be a web designer, so from a friend of the students learned that the best to test first, so this year the Academy of fine arts, every weekend two days to learn painting.

in 2002 because of the rapid rise of Internet cafes, I turned to the Internet industry from the computer training, add a dozen second-hand computer, got was very easy because of the culture operation license, always wanted to go to the cafe open test academy, so a little more than a year to sell a business permit is culture give up, learned from a friend a few days ago, this card should be sold to 350 thousand now, I >

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