nterest in living Benefits live Team work Has the property of SEO changed

SEO nature changed? A few days ago when chatting with a friend, netizens sigh, now do SEO difficult to do ah,.

yes, indeed, SEO is hard to do, and now we all feel that the nature of SEO has changed,.

before, SEO was a hobby, and now, SEO is a living.

SEO is the first contact in June 07, then is completely because of the interest to study, because it has the keyword ranking charm to learn. Then after nearly a year of learning, now has basic knowledge almost. Theoretical knowledge in online learning is less and less. Here I would like to thank the SEO station.

and now, take a look at the entire SEO industry, not because of interest and fight there. Before, the fight between the webmaster and the webmaster, and now is the battle between the team. No longer play individualism era,.

, and from beginning to end, SEO is a team, live.

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