User experience is more important than anything else how to do a good user experience

A5 has written several articles about SEO is recommended to the home page, very honored to have the opportunity to share their experience and experience of everyone, stop doing business SEO for a period of time, while not an expert, also considered entry. Actually, what I want to share with you is that the user experience is more important than anything. I wonder if you agree with me. Here’s my opinion.

no matter you are standing or enterprises have to consider the user experience, a website vitality is to have the user can enduring, user experience is really so important? Yes, very important, I personally feel that the user experience is more important than SEO, you can also say SEO do is in order to make the user experience. First, the user is the foundation. Why do you think so, and think about who your website is for? How can you develop a web site without a user base? Since the original intention of the service is still user, you will have to consider the user experience. So how do you achieve user experience,


a, beauty is very important,

yes, the first feeling for users is beauty. A new visitors to your website, the first impression is the feeling of the site as a whole, at least not on the user’s eyes is a kind of destruction, moreover, beauty gives users a sense of trust can rely on, don’t think this is a garbage station. Here said the beauty does not mean to let you use flash or JS flashy effects to do, but to coordinate the tone on the whole, consistent with human visual perception, not too bright or too dark, the best use of neutral colors, will not let users feel tired eyes, I recently took over a three roller gate corporate website is too bright, irritation of the eyes, open to closed, can not stand the strong color of the stimulus, then in my suggestion to the sky blue, this is an eye can bear the best tone, two is in accordance with the enterprise station whole tone. Do not pay attention to beauty friends began to look for a good web designer to help you tone color.

two, don’t have a lot of garbage code,

here said the junk code including code, JS code, pop-up advertising effects like this code contains the code and so on, a large number of sites will generally be a new visitor that is rubbish station or Trojan station, the first time in late second, the user will not come. If you must get rid of this code is not realistic, because most of the alliance of JS code is invoked, so many people will not break off, but it is strongly recommended not to hang the window advertising, this is the most hate, although there may be some income, but your brand is not, unless your intention is the garbage station. Suggest regular individual Adsense in the choice of League advertising, hang Google, Baidu or Ali mother’s advertising is enough, other need not do. In addition, the site does not have too many JS controls, such as JS guestbook, JS clock or web background effects, etc. even if you have these, do not put it in the first column

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