Rookie female webmaster site construction process

      I just got into touch with the Internet since my summer vacation in 05; I just graduated from senior high school. At that time, the Internet will only talk about QQ, games are just playing QQ games, what ah Dou Dou landlord, seldom go to visit the web site, do not know that the Internet can read news, watch TV, do not know how to play online games, the computer keyboard in addition to digital keys and keys, the other will not dare to write (how can I start to feel that they are not a bit retarded, so you can access the Internet every day to see someone awfully…). Occasionally sites also do not have any idea, it is not thought that one day will have their own website


after entering the University, the big one or the like a retarded net, go to Internet cafes, but then have a little bit of progress, that can carry out data using a floppy disk storage, download, good Oh, praise a ~ in fact is an idiot, with a total capacity of less than 2M pleased to ask: the network disk, there is a floppy? When many Internet cafes are no floppy drive when disappointed I would secretly laugh at this bar behind…

With the increase of

curriculum, especially the course of computer network marketing, this class, second I began to have a more comprehensive understanding of the Internet, mainly in the progress, I know to write their own blog, know how to organize their own school and QQ space, also began to watch movies on the Internet News the more began shopping online (this NB!! hehe), of course, at this time I also not afraid no other name key on the keyboard, if necessary by a press it! Ha ha ha ha

well, the foreshadowing of the site finally played well, enter the junior bar,


third first we opened this web design course, then I am interested in that strong ah, can not speak clearly in two words or three, had their own computer, every day after class to come back, he began to write your own code, want to put the heart to realize "model, but always willing to do with, then it is genius feeling (looks like a little mess with words, no matter!). Fortunately, one of my junior high school classmates mysteriously appeared.

if only the ordinary students, there’s no what to say, very dramatic, he is studying how to promote their own websites, have studied the language of the HTML twelve points clear, energy-saving


so my confidence is back, every day hanging QQ, encounter problems on his Q, this really is time-saving! Friends to boast without shame I called him master, called chant, no matter, let him have a sense of superiority, teach it more vigorously, but benefit without make a ~ ~

may be the pressure of being a teacher, and friends begin to want to teach me the essence of his lifelong learning. One day, he told me about his website and talked about his experience

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