Start with the chain promotion SEO what do you want to know

said SEO, many people are nothing more than the quality of the article, the site structure, user experience, the construction of the chain, and so on. These words only need to be known as SEO, but why do some websites do well in optimizing and some websites don’t do well? In fact, many of them are very detailed. SEO giants will be able to see the many details of the problem. That’s the difference.


I’m SEO from outside the chain, and I haven’t started to touch the industry. My friends all say how boring and boring this job is. Yes, it’s boring, but it’s from a separate job. Two weeks later, I began to slowly understand what my job was, and from then on, I felt that the job was something I loved, something that interested me.

daily fixed workload, fixed work hours. Sometimes I also want to go on, what can I do later?. But doing what one does is love doing one thing. Now that I have chosen, I can only go on. Here, I will be a little episode: in the search on the outside to see the post, said SEO do not long, how SEO after transformation, these and the like. Here, I state my point of view. As long as there is a search engine, I think SEO is bound to exist. As for how SEO after the transformation of the problem, when I recently found that the chain for the ranking of the declining effect of the situation, I have thought about this problem. But in the end, I chose to stick to it.


chain promotion that simple is very simple, that is actually a lot of details of the problem, I always think that is the best way to promote the chain of the website SEO, he can make you faster to find out about the structure of the website, can let you quickly understand the SEO knowledge.

said so much nonsense, I will tell the next chain entry SEO need to pay attention to:

1, the chain and the difference between the chain: the chain refers to the outside of the reverse link. In the chain mainly refers to the station link, mainly used for station structure optimization.

2, the chain: the chain’s main purpose is to do rankings, pay attention to the external in other website chain so when we send the chain, the other site is added nofollow, whether to change the link, whether the use of JS code. Otherwise, the chain will not play the role of pushing rankings.

3, web site weight: the chain release web site weight is directly affect the quality and role of the chain. The weight of a web site, the external chain of the collection and role of a crucial impact.

4, the chain of article requirements: a post of the subject is very important, the word is best in 15 words or so, the article content is better than 600 words. Pseudo original articles must also pay attention to the readability of the whole article.

5, resources: resources refers to the hair chain of web resources. No resource, no chain, good chain Commissioner

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