Thousand people lecture 42 period network marketing Zhang Hangfeng talk about how to do well website

Thousands of lecture

old K has presided over the forty-second period, the guests Zhang Hangfeng, network marketing consultants, by media professionals to the Internet, worked in China and word-of-mouth network, pre operation in Wholesale District, new network, LED global online business projects, there are insights in Web site operators promotion.

at the end of 2007, launched a well-known network marketing blog, focus on the analysis of the Internet news comment, share operation view with many webmaster, many webmaster support.

, four group is full (2000 people) is full, the webmaster can add 500 new people, new five group: 39463377 free to attend but please respect the learning environment we will never speak at any time T webmaster, let more webmaster want to learn in.

below is the transcript of this lecture:

Hello, I’m Zhang Hangfeng. In 2004, from the media industry into the Internet field, and gradually cultivate a strong interest in e-commerce network marketing. From China on the germination of the electronic commerce network marketing sustainable thinking, to the reputation of Web site operation and optimization of learning experience, the practice of wholesale, new network, LED global online e-commerce website, interactive network marketing consultant with the blog’s exploration and accumulation, has been in the network marketing way on the journey of 5 years, but still under the baptism of the internet. Today, invited to interact with webmaster friends to share, perhaps for the promotion of network cognition, 9 points to be considered, but hope to have 1 points for webmaster inspiration.

in the blog to share more than a year, Zhang Hangfeng have been blessed with many owners of communication, found that the website promotion ideas as parents for the college entrance examination opinion, will be the site of love (children) to a single plank bridge on the same time, a large number of Forum irrigation, meet the eye everywhere everywhere, vulgar information with spam means of promotion. To emphasize that, Zhang is not negative for forum marketing, EDM, e-mail, marketing and other types of Internet operating practices refined pursuit, details determine success or failure, describes the Internet operation method is very appropriate. But today, Zhang stressed the idea of a website promotion: "jump out of the Internet and do the Internet."". That is to say: website promotion should take Internet as core, integrate circumjacent (not Internet) authoritative resource.

Internet web site can be divided into two broad categories, with traditional authority resources and Internet webmaster resources as the background. Webmaster knows,.Gov domain name weight is very high, because it represents not others, but the government. When you search for "apple" or "apple", the search engine recommends "" instead of "fruit", further suggesting that search engines are biased in favor of traditional authoritative brands in the algorithm rules. On the contrary, it is >

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