SEO need to do it carefully and believe in success

of the things I do not much nonsense. Shuduoshu online;

SEO is not a highly technical thing. At least there is no language like C+ and SQL for you to read;

just wanted to say something:

SEO needs to be careful to do the station; instead of thinking of speeding up traffic by SEO means;

whether in station link optimization to keyword analysis, every more you need to take 100% of the mind to study, to specific practice;

the best hypothesis is that when you see a very good when you think of the article, you actually spend 15 minutes to see this article; but afterwards you took 15 days to go to your website optimization; this is the most important;

carefully look at the music leader forum should really experience; each keyword of the forum, the position of the density;; or many is a music analysis and then add up the boss every day make painstaking efforts;

more web sites, or more keywords, are constantly changing; as a SEO, long term continuous analysis and tracking is also essential;

of course, how to follow on your own; each industry appears hot keywords are different;

won the game station. After the game open beta beta – – – there must be a key is task – Sina plug – these can PW prediction;

but as Shandong’s brother opened these train butt would not be predicted;

last sentence, as long as you put your heart into it. Trust that you will succeed;


website is your wife, he is even more fragile than your wife; you need to carefully protected;

, Baidu is your wife, her mother; a careless wrong what; you are accompanied by a wife and.


is your wife with her father; professional level to trace you; because you are old but it is daochamen. So it’s the authority and the effect is not as good as, mother-in-law powerful ah ha ha

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