Where is the fun of website construction


network (www.lewen123.com) station for 30 days, have a good night sleep, is full of articles, materials, information, and let all the webmaster all dream of IP, PV, is very tiring, people always inexplicably want to give up.

through the exchange of experience, learn skills, this is me a few small secretary of the station building in mind, as loss of hardware and software and other expenses, in my ability can withstand the range, do not think too much.

had a friend suggested that I put up an advertisement and then return the proceeds to contributors. To tell the truth, in the case of lack of data, I once wanted to reward for contributors to 2 yuan as the price of the article, can be considered carefully, if I set goals by 10000 articles, at least I will pay 20000 yuan of money, this is not my personal can bear, so vote release back now the plan had been stranded.

a month, about 100 IP a day, already in my unexpected. Think of www.lewen123.com ten days before opening, at most 28 IP per day. The sudden increase in traffic that day is Friday, accidentally open statistics, IP, there are 114, when I was scared, I thought my technical personnel with me false, brush flow?. Later, the analysis of the reasons, there are more than 90 articles by Baidu and Google and other large sites included. This discovery surprised me very much, the original website increases the mystery of the flow here. So, I quickly spent a full two days, the website home page optimization. 100IP for the web site is a Hom, this Hom is so easy, let me to the future of the website is full of confidence.

with the basic stability of 100IP, the new problems come again, that is, the source of information and how to promote it to reach the 1000IP/ day traffic. It’s a little difficult for me, and I’ve never been involved in this industry before.

reference to many webmaster experience, almost a word "ads, the identification is completed, according to them, this is another way of website promotion, called" soft". And most of them suggest adding more links to the article, adding more seductive content to beautiful pictures. I thought for a long time, think of their initial positioning, contrary to their original intention of the station, the original site is only interested, is a hobby, according to do so, have become garbage stations, let alone any repeat customers.

thanks for the support of friends, for each friend previously registered per person plus 1000 the net (www.lewen123.com) currency, as a reward, in the latter part of some valuable information, we will exchange for some resources, and provide free to view these friends.

feels a little distant in the face of 1000IP’s goals. They say they want to run a website with the eyes of a businessman

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