Himalaya founder readme a year and a half access to 70 million users of radio stations to subvert th

November 2012, the Himalaya radio website is on the line. In 2013 February, the IOS client was launched.

At the time

team is not optimistic about the audio field under the condition of CO CEO Yu Jianjun restructuring team, and in the network and traditional radio anchor DJ seed user driven, user quantity rapid increase, a year and a half of the total number of users has nearly 70 million, and steady rise in.

A has received 15 million yuan in Angel Group investment in Himalaya, in May this year, SIG, KPCB and other $11 million 500 thousand round of financing. Today, with the rise of all kinds of radio stations, Yu Jianjun said that their advantage lies in the fact that the content is comprehensive and rich and the departments are in close coordination.

Yu Jianjun to the "entrepreneurs" & I; the dark horse, he defined the Himalaya radio station "Taobao audio", he hopes to make Himalaya become the people from the media audio platform, and with the Himalaya commercial service, complete.

When WeChat

from the media, the media, today’s headlines in the vertical disintegration of graphic media like newspapers and magazines, when Youku potatoes, Iqiyi, Sohu, Tencent, the music video video on network video + smart TV in the gradual disintegration of the huge television system, then taking Himalaya as the representative of Internet Radio in the broadcasting industry into the abyss. Although many print media broadcasting television, with the ratio of the small size of the market, but JiaBuZhu Chinese, JiaBuZhu China "migration" and work around the flow of radio network has its unique imagination, but to explore to what extent, still can make nothing of it.


below is Himalaya Radio Co CEO Yu Jianjun dictating:

makes a company

acquired by Baidu

after graduation, I started with a software company called Djetou. Mainly for the development of panoramic software, let others use, is software tools. After doing this software, I think how it should be done so that more people can use it, not just 2B things, but can 2C. So, when we did the city, we gathered along the collection of cars, the streets all over the country are picked up, a bit similar to Google streetscape, but more than a year earlier than Google. We also talked to Google, hoping to help Google do street view services around the world, but later they chose to do it themselves.

, this street view business, we sold it to Baidu, and now the Baidu streetscape team is my former partner, with a group of people in the past.

resources may become baggage, object thinking,

, I have a kind of obsession with To C platform products, or is it expected that the city is the first practice product?. But the city has a problem: it is just an environment, the user has finished reading, it is difficult to generate interaction between users and users. So I started wondering if there was any possibility of being an online community

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