5 elements of webmaster’s success in business

first, to do their own likes, believe, and development, but also the trend of the industry

‘s "trend" industry is a project of great promise in the future. Just like ten years ago, everyone didn’t have a cell phone. If you made mobile phones more than ten years ago, this is a trend industry.

trend industry definition is: now everyone has not yet, but in the future, almost everyone will have. If you can do a trend in the industry, which will give you a lot of help to succeed in business. If you can enter an industry to start it, you ride a horse, the probability of success will have greater confidence.

second, to reduce costs, everything begins with simplicity;

young people, don’t take a lot of money, borrowed a lot of loan to start a business, you must first learn to reduce costs, because of lower costs is to create profits, at the same time you start pressure is not so big. Reduce costs, entrepreneurship, mentality will not be so urgent, it will not be so urgent, you will be easier to step by step, there will be less risk, it is easier to succeed in business,

third, we must use "art of war"

"art of war" contains all the moves of entrepreneurship, the market to win, must use the "art of war" in the "win" strategy. Because the premise of business success, first, the customer should have a full understanding, and two, to have sufficient understanding of competitors, in order to ensure that their less risk, not lose money. How can we have a good understanding of customers? We can do market research first, and how to understand our competitors. They can be explored by customers. Where is the competition? By asking a different customer base, you’ll soon know where your competitors are and how you can be better, and you’ll find your own business opportunities. The only way to go beyond competitors is to use better quality, lower prices, better service, or faster speed. "Win" strategy is "excellent value for money"".

Chinese richest man Li Jiacheng business more than 50 years of entrepreneurial experience is: all business success should be attributed to "value for money"". If you can do "value for money" and "cheap and fine", you can easily surpass your competitors. The strategy of surpassing competitors is "Blue Ocean Strategy", that is, to do what competitors don’t do, also called "avoid the enemy’s advantage", and carry out "differentiated marketing"". Another strategy to surpass competitors is to work with giants and reach their goals through the ranks of others. When each person starts an undertaking, own strength, own funds, own human resources are very thin. But if you can work with IBM from the start like Bill Gates, then you’ll have a high rate of success.

if you can work with Ma, the richest man in Asia, like Sun Zhengyi, and with the world’s largest Internet giant, YAHOO, you’ll have a high chance of success. The best move is "blue ocean" strategy, doing what competitors don’t do and >

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