Talking about the originality and graphic mark of Baidu principles Mars program


currently Baidu principles Mars program is progressing. Recently found that some websites have been included in the article, in front of an original and graphic logo, then why these things, some sites have some sites do not? Then we will analyze:

for the original marking we should know that this website Baidu original articles, such as some portals, news sites are the primary original content, then this type of Web site must be approved by Baidu.

graphic refers to the article is illustrated, and the article is still original degree, the user likes to see the content. So naturally, Baidu loves it too,

Baidu set graphics and text things, more likely to cause users to click, contributed to transformation. However, graphics and text are not directly related to the rankings, but they do have a great impact on the user experience, and can improve the conversion rate. A word ranking position is same, since Baidu to add graphics and text, click rate immediately went up. At least 30% of the past. Users click more, according to Baidu user experience rule, ranking naturally stable.

what can be done to let Baidu display this marking text? The author thinks, with more than three pictures in a product introduction, do ALT, such as product drawing and internal details of the plan and product delivery site of this nature word. With pictures and pictures, the quality of the picture is high. Text description not less than 200 words, pure original content. Well, this is a higher demand for writers, and need a good literary talent, and write vivid and emotional!


followed by web publishing. For example, a newspaper to let readers love the first with the core content, so the H tag is very good, then at least one article to the paragraph is clear, this is the P label, BR label use, then in the article to emphasize some theme, this is the strong tags and B tags. Optimize the structure code, which is a key part of the station optimization.

graphic and hat, clear and organized, focus. When writing articles listed, so written purpose can not let the user at a glance, which is the focus, and let Baidu spider judgment clear.

in the website user experience good foundation, pictures and text are original, easy to get Baidu graphics and text recognition, especially Baidu invited what sites.

Baidu out this thing, but also want to let the webmaster enrich his website content, do a good job of user experience, so to us good, users feel good. Baidu has always stressed the user experience, I feel more learning Baidu site is helpful. We can imitate Baidu Encyclopedia: Encyclopedia of the internal structure (inside the chain is very powerful) to do very NB. Encyclopedia is now becoming more and more friendly, from content catalog, organization, graphics and text collocation, links to add, the highlights of the key content, do very much

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