Some thoughts on website Collection

I’m not a good thinker. The initial purpose of my website is to kill time, because it makes me feel empty.

but slowly, with the site of the depth, I also slowly like the webmaster, these lovely crowd, sweet and sour taste. Maybe I say this is a big talk, no matter how you understand, I still want to record some of my sudden thoughts.

on the site included problems, has been the webmaster in the early stage of the most concerned about the problem.

these days, I thought carefully, indeed, learning from the experience of previous generations, really can let us go a lot of detours. Here I recommend blog program to do web site.

maybe my idea is too childish. Maybe an expert looks down on it, but please allow me to finish. After all, it’s my summary.

I do site has three, one is a free space station, you can site, and two web site time are basically the same, but now we should see the results of the site? A website which has more than 400 data, a two others have only dozens of data, but the result is included be roughly the same.

here, you should know what I mean, the weight of the blog is so fierce.

only need a few original articles, plus blog program, you can customize the name of the page, in this regard, the blog has not optimized to optimize the advantages.

so, the best way to do this is

can first make a blog, a few original, casually can, and even in QQ space, copy a few mood articles can, and then submit the website, every day update a little content.

this idea, I am now experimental, I hope we can study the feasibility of this method together.

as for the site included, we should all understand, included later included should be more easy to point.

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