Rookie Adsense needs technical support

I will not write any soft text, that is to say what the heart just! With the webmaster network platform to say their thanks,

!Here is the site of the

, a lot of rookie, including myself, really a rookie, remember, years ago, I just contact the industry website, rolled up for such a long time, finally touch a little way, is not a piece of code was not breathe in that day stay

!In fact, the development of the industry Web site

speed can be said like psoriasis advertisement, speed, increase the speed of stationmaster also really hard to imagine, when rookie just contact the industry, they need what kind of help? They to webmaster nets or other station owners to see those the Big Brother Big Sister you have a long and minute statement. Is a veteran, you can fully analyze what SEO, what keywords ranking, what CSS stylesheet how to write, what, you all these, for you, is very easy, but just contact the novice website? What they see? Even HTML doesn’t know how to do, suddenly look at the mess code? Those things like in FRONTPAGE there is no? Why not the middle school computer book? Dumbfounded? You call them to see the ASP grammar PHP language, what else can they say? It’s crazy,


I just started watching it, I bought this web design cases, it began to speak to DW design and other related operations from the basic HTML language, a good thick good thick book, dinner time, before you go to bed, or even WC! Ha ha, not a little exaggeration! To tell the truth, perhaps he didn’t learn! I do not know, because a lot of things not, I will find Baidu uncle, use Baidu Search, the effect is very good, a lot of answers! So fumbled, suddenly once, I DZ a problem, just for the United States server. Then my forum is GBK, I Short Message can not be used, I sweat. Ask the service providers, they said the server doesn’t support GBK feel shy, well, you can change the UTF-8, or your site search function is wrong, I tried, sweat, the search will not work! To reinstall it, I forum thousands of members will be ruined, and knew not to change their space, ah I don’t know how GBK, converted into UTF-8, can not re installed, switch over, because he will not, as I went to the DZ official forum issued a paper called "help group to help me to convert GBK to UTF-8, the server does not support GBK" I foolishly believed that such a forum DZ there should be technicians who assist, as for what they call, I don’t know, I told them the forum help group, the post, did not respond, only one reply, ask, what is to help me down, I want to do technical station, why not a technical special clothes? We rookie will not, not all have to go slowly to find their own, and learn to ourselves, we hope to have >

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