Beyond Adsense alternative ways of earning huge profitsUC Yu Yongfu entrepreneurship to fight

 :     John Chow earned a huge $11702.66 last month, and its Adsense has just contributed more than $1000, and there are many different sources of revenue from his income list,

first, have a common goal, core is the ability of people do not necessarily work, can work with people is like drawn to like. >


  ReviewMe: $4500.00
  Affiliate Sales: $2150.00
  Text; Link Ads: $1352.81
  Direct Ad Sales: $1200.00
  shlf1314 AdSense:; $1077.67
  Kontera: $1000.00
  FeedBurner: $271.44 br />  TTZ Media: $150.74

  shlf1314 Adsense: $3648.26
  Direct Ad Sales: $750.00
  Intellitxt:; $555.05
  Text Link Ads: $535.43
  Tribal Fusion: $437.10
  Feedburner; FAN: $350.24

      doubling Adsense revenues by

Yu Yongfu thinks there are gangs too. First of all, be like-minded. Capable people can not work, can work with people is like drawn to like. Second, share success. The interests of the enterprise should be shared with more people. Finally, ability complement each other. The ability of the entire management team is the ceiling of your business.

today is the Internet Chinese very important day before I feel for Chinese all Internet entrepreneurs antitrust is a very important thing, so my first statement, I strongly support the antitrust investigation of the Tencent.

      many people believe that shlf1314 Adsense is the easiest way to make money online; in fact, it is also the biggest source of revenue for many blogs. But there are several blogs that redefine the way to make money online, earning far more revenue than what shlf1314 Adsense could afford.

      his biggest income comes from ReviewMe, a famous paid comment site. Another major source of revenue comes from his text links, advertising and proxy sales, and direct marketing ads..

below is live record:

second, there are two reasons for today’s annual meeting in the country of entrepreneurship. First, we have to support CEO, we have to support entrepreneurship. The second thing is entrepreneur has a very good name, I quickly thought, I said two words in the business process in the past cannot do without, the first one is: what is the business venture, or go to the big enterprises, I think there is no right or wrong, no glory and honor that is each person’s choice, you choose what kind of way, I feel very very willing and empathy, entrepreneurship is fun for me, because I love to drive, so I think entrepreneurship is a life cycle for me very much.

November 26th, the 2013 annual meeting will be held at the Millennium Minneapolis in Beijing. The theme of this year’s meeting is "subversive force", and entrepreneurs and investment representatives take turns to take part in, to review the 2013 venture capital circle event, to explore the 2014 innovation model and new pattern of business. UC excellent chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu at the meeting published the theme of entrepreneurship "help" speech, analysis of the entrepreneurial process "help" multi-level meaning, as well as entrepreneurs to investors a little bit of "unspoken rules."".

      Everton released his last month’s revenue of $6418.35.

second is a group of words, I start to help into this, this has two layers of meaning for the word, the first layer of meaning is very important, is to help entrepreneurs is a Gang Gang, actually start to today we all entrepreneurs need to be very clear in a word, is what I have to fight, regardless of a person, a group of us or how many people, in fact, for entrepreneurs, today, has been difficult to one aspect, product technology and market management are very strong, unlikely, but the most important thing today is for you to organize a team, can be in the product, technology, market and management are very strong, so what is the one thing most start on the road of happiness, when you climb the mountain when the gang at the foot, after you climb, these people can look at the scenery together with you, this is A very important success story, in fact, the whole faction of the gang to share with you several levels:

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