From the rise and fall of each guest the network cock silk business how to doSina blog Amoy careful

what is the reason? That is, cock wire, even if the heart cock wire, but also do not want to show. In other words, cock wire and then cock wire, do not want to be labeled with cock wire on the body, showing to the outside world. What is the fundamental difference between clothing and other silk games games, beauties, video on demand, etc.? Actually, one is displayed outside, and the other is not. And go further

, this is the funniest place for Miracle. I actually saw a "third quarter of 2010 weight loss products list", but also been reproduced reproduced. Of course, I don’t rule out the same person, unlike Ma Jiafa. Now only a few months? The third quarter rankings come out? Just 2009 simple change 2010 you dare to send? You expect such promotional articles can bring you income? See a lot of new people complaining about how hard to do for a few months every day, but no income. But if you do things, even a little bit of logic >


where customers, has been touted as the Internet fast fashion brand. UNIQLO, ZARA, H& and M; these foreign fast fashion brand, where the customer’s location was significantly lower. Through the object advertising, we can see that where the target customers focus on big cities, Zha Zheng, "cock wire", young people, the hearts of dreams, the hands of no grain, the characteristics of such groups need not be too much description. In fact, the customer’s products are indeed for such customers, 29 T-shirts, 59 canvas shoes, 299 yuan down jacket, and so on. Should be speaking, where the customer’s strategic positioning and target customers are clear and clear, but also with the Internet Era "cock wire who will have the world" this modern concept of the same. But why is it that customers are dying fast,


1, simple copy plagiarism, title content stereotyped,


turned a few pages 21, released on the Taobao blog, "Taobao slimming products sales list", "Taobao products sales list" the two title at least 10 times, not including other similar just one or two words in the title. Miracle does not understand, you copied the content of others, the title of plagiarism other people, the same Bowen overwhelming. First of all, the search engine is not a fool, sh419 and GG included a few articles included several articles? Are you? If you have your rank in many pages? It had lost weight by the Sina blog for search ranking significance. Second, users are not fools. The same title, the same content, the user has not known, seen a thousand times. Don’t say you’ll click into the purchase, and I think it’s disgusting to see similar headlines. What is your content has no value to the user, and even conflict, you are a waste of time doing what? Even if you do a party, know how to change the title, I feel that the past. As for how to change the content of the article, how to set the title, how to get long tail keywords, these are not I can teach you in a word, is that you want to think carefully.

for you are now doing Sina blog often committed some mistakes, I’m here to help you list, hope new friends, don’t waste your valuable time, do some useless work.


circulated on the Internet for a period of aging, where the guest’s reflection. The article is very long, the author sums up for the following points: overstaffed and redundant personnel; complex products, too many SKU; quality is general, quality is not high. Then, the old strategic transformation initiatives, significantly abolished personnel abolition of from more than 13000 to more than 300, slashing product category cut from 190 thousand SKU to more than 200 SKU, and then spent a great effort to improve the quality of products. It should be said that these are indeed the problems of every guest, but still not caught the essence of the problem.

may be generally considered appropriate. Internet era, is indeed "get cock silk," the world". For example, the network payment services, is a grass root contribution: the network game, 9158 beauty video on demand, YY voice, show these, is a grass root favorite, even including Taobao, in fact, the vast majority are grass root in contribution. In contrast, the middle class and the rich spend much less on the web than cock silk. Then why old customers will fail? This actually has deep-seated reasons.

problem? The author is more willing to consider the strategic positioning, target customers, market segmentation and so on. Where customers focus on "cock wire" young people, in the end is not suitable for

years old, very annoying. When in 2011 the most lively, his home where the billboards throughout the street, subway, Han Han, Wang Luodan, Huang Xiaoming and The Voice of China students turns into inspirational advertisement endorsement cheer, turned into a "VANCL style" is widely spread. But, as if overnight evaporation, and now who pays attention to each guest? Where is the customer,

What is the essence of the

yesterday, time to stroll Sina blog when inadvertently found a problem, Taobao guest promotion Bowen is still flying all over the sky. Hundreds of new blogs are expected to be born in one day. In the early days of Taobao, there are some people use Sina blog high weight release Bowen, get a good search engine rankings, so as to bring a lot of traffic, of course, also get very good income. But with more and more people doing Sina blogs, plus Sina has begun to recognize and value this issue. Some of the old methods were no longer viable. I don’t know whether we work too hard, ". I don’t know how to see what year or month on the Internet, or what is called "cheats". I don’t want to see if it is feasible to do it under test and time. Don’t you just click on the test after you’ve finished promoting your blog?

2, simple minded, Bowen is totally illogical,

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