Bottlenecks are now dividends ebb tide the content of entrepreneurship breaking the road is whatAm

at present, whole foods the last fiscal year sales of $15 billion 700 million and Amazon accounted for 1.21% of the United States grocery market share and 0.19%, after the merger will become the industry fifth. At the forefront of the WAL-MART, Kroger, accounting for 14.45% of the total market and 7.17%. Amazon’s main rivals are Target and Costco. After the transaction, all of the shares fell below the line.

in the past year, Li Xiang is an entrepreneurial star in China’s content creation market. On June 5, 2016 the premium content products "Li Xiang commercial reference" so far there are 97310 users, sales reached 19 million 360 thousand yuan, Li Xiang from income of nearly ten million. This is regarded as the starting point and typical example of the content paying market.

the evening of May 18, 2017, Li Xiang announced in the second quarter of knowledge product launches, product will be renamed "Li Xiang knowledge inside", the price from 199 yuan / year becomes free, he will join becoming chief editor. "Li Xiang" the commercial reference renewal rate became mystery. Some people doubt that this is a cover up bubble.

Roman thinking founder Luo Zhenyu. Figure / Vision China

a lot of people are waiting to see Li Xiang’s jokes.

but at the moment, the content of entrepreneurship appeared in the market feature set up powder, fatigue, impact of the decline in commercial resources to the head of content, this seems to indicate that this emerging industry is in the bottleneck period since the birth of the first.


and the deal summed up in one sentence – "Amazon became WAL-MART before WAL-MART became Amazon."".

bonus ebb tide

Li Xiang is a veteran media veteran of the long story. He was editor in chief of Financial World magazine before he started his career. A skeptic wrote to describe Li Xiang "true" commercial sales of nearly 20 million yuan a year for "media transformation of the one-time cash", "from the beginning of April, it is open rates Reference at around 18%, for a fee, which is passed?" another question of "finance" reporter said, "its second year renewal rate may not exceed 10%."

from Amazon’s short board, its membership in the high-end business has been almost saturated — currently about 60% of American households have Prime, the number reached 80 million, it is not need to touch the electricity supplier penetration crowd. In addition, Amazon already entered the fresh grocery market, consumers generally monthly grocery shopping 5 times, compared to Amazon Prime users often online shopping 4 times a month non Prime members on average only 2 times, fresh grocery business will make Amazon users under a single frequency to further enhance.

, a former Amazon food retail executive, Brittain, wrote on Linkedin, "Amazon lacks a first-class grocery distribution network and about how to Ladd."

China content entrepreneurship boom began in August 2012, WeChat launched

, China’s content entrepreneur, has experienced a round of bonuses over the past five years, and content traders see it as an opportunity for the times – the content that is taking over the Internet as the new gateway to business. Traditional media, organizations, new media, from the media, as well as Internet giants and other market players are looking for new directions in content.


after five years of development after the stride forward singing militant songs, content industry appeared signs of potential bonus tide, the traditional advertising model in the new content on the market subsided, commercial resources to head focused


original title: bottleneck has now, dividends ebb tide, the content of entrepreneurship breaking the road is what?

is the only WAL-MART and Amazon in the scale of business and financial similar retail companies, has been trying for years to online business with the competition, such as the Prime launched without the membership fee will be able to enjoy the two day delivery service. In turn, Amazon has been looking for physical stores and electricity providers collaborative path. In any case, the two retail giants are clear, the electricity supplier can not replace the line, and the two urgent integration.

"please stop pestering the renewal rate. It’s a question of cheating."." Luo Zhenyu, founder of the finance company, said he compared the product idea to hotel management and checked in, but breakfast, swimming pool and gym are free. The subscription column is for the room, and the "true" is a free hotel project.

Amazon for $13 billion 700 million in cash to acquire Whole Foods hereinafter referred to as totality, no matter from the latter’s position in the industry or the amount of money for the Amazon pocket scale, a large earthquake are regarded as the retail industry. You know, as of March this year, Amazon’s cash and cash equivalents were only $21 billion 500 million.

CEO John Mackey & founder of totality; see clearly, he had commented Amazon Fresh – "this is Amazon’s Waterloo. His enthusiasm for soil, organic food, and his arrogant business binge is self contradictory. What do people want? It’s convenient, but you can’t do it with a distribution center or a truck. "

this has been difficult, and Amazon Fresh business has only slowly risen, but the problem of logistics losses and economic models can not be widely expanded. This is a $750 billion market, but there is no difference between China and the United States 1.2% in the United States and 2% in China.

finance reporter Li Xiaoxiong / Song Wei / editor

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