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if you want to do, the cost is two hundred yuan is enough, not much money ah! Nothing, to more than a few big station at www.admin5 www.chinaz www.im286 have the opportunity to the next explanation of how to do the right site, this is too complicated! Here is a reminder, don’t listen to that domain name to sell how much money you have go to school. I’m telling you, it’s harder than winning a lottery.

3. website publicity, IT workers! The latter refers to help some stations to do work, earn money. The former is a bit complicated! "

58 city, as the largest classified information website, has been a major platform for Internet users looking for all kinds of second-hand transactions, rental and other information. About the user experience, there are many places need to be improved, not long ago in Sina micro-blog, there are user authentication and the CEO @58 City King Satoshi Yao Jinbo. That the three use of 58 city, all because of different reasons, released information was deleted, 58 city user experience is not satisfied. 58 city vice president Chen Xiaohua responded by saying: "all the reasons are because our system has a rule, not allowed to publish off-site.". No cell phone number is inconsistent with the location of the IP, nor is it allowed to fill in the content. We have worked out the most stringent standards in the industry to prevent fraud, so we apologize for the inconvenience, and we will review our rules and optimize them accordingly." And 58 city CEO, Yao Jinbo should also be back to users, said 58 city is indeed the implementation of the industry’s most stringent information audit rules. Across three cities, one information, many people publish the same number, sublet the house. If 10% of the manslaughter of 1%, less fraud, we will choose the 1%.. We’ll look at your case and see how to optimize it. Then the king also said his Satoshi micro-blog information was manslaughter for 58 city official response, and thus improve the user experience is worth it.

so-called online money, simply refers to the use of network work to make money!

from micro-blog certified users reflect 58 city user experience >



is a website of brand planning and building including a lot of content, the website name, domain name, user experience, service and marketing are website brand image quality, an important factor related to site traffic and development. For small and medium-sized websites, compared with internet giants and large websites, there is not enough funds and resources to invest in website domain names and marketing. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of user experience and website service. Especially in the search engine constantly updated, the user experience is increasingly becoming the key factors affecting the ranking of the site today, the user experience is good or bad, not only related to the introduction of web traffic. More about the site for the user’s appeal, directly affect the user conversion rate and site stickiness. The website service quality, is directly to the website main standard to distinguish various grades and ranks, the grade of the website. There is a saying that the best service is the best promotion. Service ready, users will take the initiative to help you publicize the brand. Therefore, the website makes the brand plan, cannot leave the user experience construction and the service consummation.

58 city vice president in response to user information was deleted

Yao Jinbo responds user feedback

1. is now the most obvious thing about opening a store on Taobao and selling something.


users stand

if you opened two years ago, and has been in business, now at least two thousand months! my classmate opened a shop for three years, now nearly twenty thousand yuan a month! said that Taobao set up shop, still do not? If you do not have a large wholesale market around, you want to do this now hard! You have no credit, you supply a two point advantage no, you think there may be some opportunities to sell books!! however, if you have more time, I still recommend a registered Taobao, the Alipay tool that it is very easy to use, send money without fee, and secondly, can buy something! I have the opportunity to put a little, you don’t want to sell, perhaps to find business opportunities! 2. do a website, and then apply for a few ads to do. that’s what I do

the money is too large, the maximum is shlf1314, minimum is all kinds of personal homepage negative income! Here, not now you have a website called the webmaster, because you have a website, you don’t have the money! We are so divided now, the following is a personal homepage 1000ip. The following is 10000ip lovers do play, 30 thousand IP is small owners, more than 100 thousand IP is medium webmaster, more than 200 thousand IP is a good mix of webmaster, more than 500 thousand IP called great master, this time you can Diao, can ignore people, to attend various meetings. 1 million IP or more in order to be called idol. See flow, see IP talk, so don’t see webmaster I worship is below 30 thousand, income is more than 2000 points. See here, you might think, IP represents income? Wrong, IP is representative of the number of people to see your website, itself will not directly bring you even a cent money. I see your home page, you have the money? No! That money is how come? To telecom? My classmates asked me! Actually, mainly in their own website to put ads! What advertising, advertising how to, and so on, you do a besides the

here, I’d like to say something to you as a passer-by:



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