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I: entrepreneurship is good, but why choose milk tea shop, and why would you like to find me together?

spark the spark of enterprise culture is a very critical step in the beginning of the establishment of entrepreneurial companies. But how to continue the sparks of fire of corporate culture, is a company from the business team to dozens of people and even the very important process of hundreds of thousands of people in the expansion of a daily training work. Up to the leadership office, down to the mail room, as well as offices throughout the country and around the world, corporate culture training is required.

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West BPV described the corporate culture for the moderate "tension" and "relax", which is a relaxation. "How does this sound culture work?" I think if you need to accomplish a task, you must form a mindset of letting go and doing your best." "But if you’re going to be creative, innovative, and constructive, you need to be free, smiling and relaxing," West says."

I said, "if this is not clear, then I may not be able to support you.". Besides, I don’t want to start a business."

even if you are not instilling corporate culture every day, you can’t reinforce it just as you like or think it over.

actually, I’m a very careful person. Before doing one thing, I always have to pay attention to everything and what may appear


Min Min: because I love milk tea. Every time I go to the tea shop, people are full. It must be a good business. I’m looking for you because you’ve been working for several years. You must be rich, and you’re learning news, and you can be responsible for the publicity of the stores. I am an accountant, I can charge the accounts of the store, and then recruit a few attendants and milk tea master."

Christopher Hann

in the field of business, success is not only a pile of dazzling sales data, but rather some deeper philosophy: what is your enterprise’s lifeline? You want to pass what value to customers and employees? The excellent enterprise road, began in the establishment and embracing the positive, highly efficient enterprise culture.

min min……

Abstract: a good initial venture team can not exceed three people, this is the Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi the wise remark of an experienced person. Entrepreneurship is not a person can be completed, a person difficult not to call the shots, a person’s decision is often biased, it is difficult to make relatively correct decisions, influencing the development of the company.

min, who has been away from home for more than a year since last December, has been trying to find a new job many times during the period, but the mood of the boring work atmosphere and the self righteous boss have no interest. Near the end of the year, Xiaomin was glad that he didn’t have to be busy with the KPI exam. However, he felt his purse, maybe sometimes it was not good to be wronged,


"you can see how employees interact when you visit Zappos."." "You’ll find employees very happy and revel in their work," says Foley. >

left without saying goodbye.

, but Mandy did it,

Min Min: "this is not anxious, there will be a road ahead of the station, step by step."."

although many people are clamoring for work all day long, so tired and tough, I want to start a business. But when you want to ask him to do a line, have to which step he said, after all, that means out has become accustomed to the rhythm of life and work will be relatively concentrated, into a full of unknown state, or very flustered.

me: "do you think about the location of the shop, the rental price, the style of the decoration, the features of the shop, the means of publicity?"

, obviously, Mandy and I are not alone. That night, I lost sleep. Dealings with the wrong person will not lead to a happy ending.

today, anyone who says corporate culture does not have a shoe business Zappos nodded, this enterprise with a high level of customer service and proactive brand awareness and reputation in the industry, known as "the home of Zappos core values". According to the Zappos Insights manager Christa Foley said, because of its corporate culture sought after, in order to meet the needs of the public to experience the urgent desire of the Zappos enterprise culture, Zappos will be its new headquarters located in the former Las Vegas city hall open daily 4 times visit. It is reported that about 120 people a day free of charge.

Min Min: I don’t like being pushed by others. I want to buy famous brand bags by myself. There’s only one way to start the business.

doesn’t know who gave Min Min the idea.

5 years ago, Mike West founded BPV Capital Management company, and he led the joint venture investment companies to go by like the wind speed expansion. In 2013 alone, the company’s workforce in Tennessee, Knoxville, reached 38 people, almost doubling. As we explored the mysteries of rapid growth to West, he first referred to hard work and innovation. Later, however, he pointed out the important role of the corporate culture that began at the beginning of his creation.

the day before yesterday, I received a call from Xiaomin and asked me if I was willing to invest in her tea shop. Graduated a year, staying at home for a year, "Mandy was so rich?".

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