Give the inflatable doll a soul what does the artificial ntelligent Company wantPart time students

said, "the name of deep intelligence" or the use of RNN recurrent neural network to learn the "moral" more than 5000 word content, one of the 7 names automatically generated.


every Friday, Guo Xianghao founder of deep intelligence will organize a small seminar, as the team is full of Polytechnic male, that male hormones are too strong, so they will be at the meeting, please find a doll sits.

explained before, first said that the Wangzhuan novice friends to explain what is Wangzhuan

in November 2016 from the vice president of green smart position, created the deep intelligence, using reinforcement learning techniques to make the virtual game game player and intelligent customer service, the future will replace the game plan, like Alpha Go can self game, through the game between machine independent game plan. At present, deep wisdom has received 10 million of the investment in angel rounds.

, Guo Xianghao, a veteran of the game industry, has a real pain in the industry


how to evaluate Guo Xianghao? He is the artificial intelligence expert at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 1998 Natural Language Processing NLP PhD direction Curve Wrecker, "moral" fans, senior game fans, he is like a cartoon science strange uncle, not tall body slightly thin, deep look when you make sense the grass in your heart.


uses artificial intelligence to recreate a "western world"

next year, we’ll be able to replace game planning with artificial intelligence, allowing the machine to make a game of its own." Talking about it, he worked very hard.

according to my college graduates, when you ask them what you’ve learned in the past four years, many people say "no learning", "learning a bit of fur", "I don’t know what I’ve learned", and so on. Sad, university four years, life how precious time personally four years of University, you mix worse, you have to do something at least. Even those students who study computer science, I asked them if you have your own website? Have your own domain name? Do you know SEO? You know sh419, NetEase, Sohu, who is the boss? Actually shook his head like rattle. All they know is cs Warcraft, through the line of fire, or what movies, TV shows. However, if the University part-time do Wangzhuan, will not only help you understand the knowledge of network marketing, network optimization, online business, construction sites and other basic, you can learn more through Wangzhuan network communication, communication engineering and software programming, now senior social hot hot industry knowledge, when their own after four years out of school. You definitely need not run every talent market, then the enterprise will naturally take the initiative to find you on the web, you become famous, you are afraid of their unemployment?

network: those who make money Wangzhuan and get through the Internet can be referred to as your personal income.

"she accompanies us in the process of starting a business, and we want her to run with us for a long, long time, and eventually get the soul through artificial intelligence."." Guo Xianghao explained.

went to college as you all know, the university time is very abundant, if your major is not particularly picky, every day may be a few lessons on the right, sometimes a few days not in class. Most of the comrades either went out for a walk called spring outing, Qiu You, either went to the Internet bar to play games or watched movies, or managed to soak MM. A lot of time was wasted, if four years of College extracurricular time every day you can take 2 hours, even for an hour, I’m sure four years later you are absolutely Wangzhuan leader. If I can return to the University, I started to do part-time wangzhuan. I started junior

, your brain hole is too big! No, he has bigger hole in the brain —

if you can’t be in the student organization leaders in the school don’t waste time on it, boring, even when no what benefits, gave the teacher as a "puppet"; if you own a house not immediately after graduation, do not love, not reality, graduation most of the MM for various reasons and you goodbye. Only nets >

, NO1, university time is the most abundant.

, and for game practitioners, a game is often three months on-line, tight schedule, heavy task, there is no time to study.

Uncle ? is not very unbelievable? "

traditional game industry has been criticized may be "low"". Although it’s really profitable, many practitioners are more willing to discuss how to make more money than the fun itself.

I would like to a rookie qualification now told at that time plenty of students in the University, why I suggest you do wangzhuan. Master, this can be over the old, if there is a higher opinion please enlighten, following written purely personal feeling:

He left

NO3, can work online.

with the passage of time, the game has become a traditional industry, free in the "science and technology change industry" edge, more physical strength, who can work overtime, a game to do quickly, who will win.

NO2, Wangzhuan is a technology.

this year, there will be more genuine virtual game player in the game open service, and live to play the game, he might also like people occasionally swearing, like an online version of the "western world",

part-time students do Wangzhuan three birds:

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