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I suggest that at this time to brand development, such as lemon green tea, Korean clothing, homes and other Amoy brand, sales have not been their focus of development, expanding brand influence is the focus. This aspect mainly lies in enhances the brand the exposure rate, this needs the more abundant fund and the plan ability. Registration activities at this stage >


extension refers to the shop to maintain sales volume and flow rate to a certain extent, and reputation in the above 2 drill. In this period, most shops will face a more embarrassing problem, is to make money or to the pursuit of sales and shop sales? Capital operation does not come, the pursuit of profit may lead to impact the reputation and stock is not good. The recommendations focus on customers and shop open culture and old customers, at the same time increase the store coupons, free postage paid card. Increase efforts to increase traffic, increase participation in activities, as much as possible to participate in Juhuasuan, daily specials and other large flow of activities

shop extension:

from the standard of pay per view, advertising and joint report is according to the effect of marketing advertising model, pay per click, if no hits, ads will show free. And can be adjusted in real time to avoid the waste of advertising, advertising costs. United against the price of 0.2 yuan /IP.

shop starts:

for start-up of small shop, management ability, operation ability, capital and other conditions are basically at a disadvantage at this stage, should make good use of low cost or free resources flow introduction, not a small amount and not for. The starting stage is mainly to accumulate the underlying popularity at a lower cost.

report www.adsky is a new product of Hangzhou expo-plast network advertisement under the name, is the city of the precise orientation of advertising, in accordance with the click, the ad with the match results released to the media on the website of cooperation. Use the report, can be made in one or more advertising models and targeted advertising targeted advertising, keyword oriented city in the matching of delivery, so joint report also called multidimensional targeted advertising. Among them, the multidimensional orientation mainly refers to three aspects, namely geographical orientation, time orientation and directional keywords. Advertisers can be produced by this three directional combination of text and image ads.

at the same time, and has a joint report of NarrowAD city orientation, keywords orientation, budget control function. City is a kind of IP directional orientation according to the technology, enterprise advertisement narrowed down to the city, so as to achieve local delivery. Keywords directional association is a kind of advertising technology, make the advertisement content and pages by keywords.

each can grow online shop, can not be separated from participate in Taobao activities, import flow, thereby increasing sales. In different stages of the development of online shop should be reasonable to participate in activities according to their own circumstances, in order to allow the healthy development of the shop. If you look at the Juhuasuan shop just jealous, even if the registration is successful, so a huge flow of activities, small shop it? Supply, customer service response capability, peak traffic planning, these problems are generally unable to handle it well. Below the blue sky Pavilion divides the shop to develop the stage, analyzes how the small and medium-sized seller how better chooses suits own activity!

this period refers to the shopkeeper in the shop has a very good experience, operations, management, customer service and other work have good experience. This period is often the bottleneck for most sellers, and most sellers are basically satisfied with this step and are satisfied with the development of the store. This is why large sellers and small sellers have drawn boundaries. Satisfied with the development of the store, rather than seek a better breakthrough, only in the changing speed of the electricity supplier market to be flooded.

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To determine a flagship product

launch event, as far as possible to create a steady flow of the explosion to late selection, please refer to the skills lantianting just write an article about how to determine women’s taobao shop explosion of baby

with the development of Internet advertising, the pattern is more and more rich. At present, the online advertising market is mainly for large well-known enterprises, brand advertising for targeted advertising for small and medium sized enterprises and for the enterprise network advertising alliance. In directional advertising, in addition to the shlf1314 and sh419 engine advertising, advertising and advertising alliance is currently two has a strong sense of innovation and selling advertising model.

reports and advertising are produced by the polymerization of the long tail effect of great site resources, NarrowAD called a keyword to narrow and directional platform, which is linked to the effect of a multidimensional oriented marketing platform. The similarity is directional, and the difference is the key and multidimensional. According to the joint report is more need of enterprises, the directional dimensions expand to more places. Comparing the two, can be found in the common and the advantages and disadvantages.

in the delivery of media resources, special network advertisement as the joint report provides rich media resources, large, medium and small portal site, there are more than 17000 cooperation. NarrowAD has more than 3000 mainstream news media resources. Rich media resources, makes the dissemination of joint report are very wide and narrow divisions.

steady development period:

www.narrowad is a network of targeted advertising, through the analysis of web content, identify the location of users, according to advertising requirements and settings, will have the advertising put into more than 3000 websites before the target customers. This new network advertising model is more effective in saving the cost of advertising, enhance the efficiency of advertising. NarrowAD therefore called the narrow and tell the key platform, can be locked around, and business articles related to lock the target area, lock the interested users.

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