Five simple analysis allows you to Links more quality

analysis of

a lot of websites to improve their website ranking, to rush into danger through the links to purchase, increase website one-way links. For one-way import links can quickly improve the ranking weight is not what secret. And some new online purchase link, if a large number of import must soon enter assessment period, so I do not recommend a new station on the line to buy links, should be at least one or two months to the normal operation of the. Today I share my analysis of the purchase link if there is a quality of experience, is to make a summary of it:

, the number of other links derived from a

we all know even their own judgment whether the site is good, from the analysis included snapshot, PR, for PR, if not for Google optimization ranking, so negligible, because PR fell in love with the sea at all for nothing, love Shanghai has its own weight, PR is effective for Google. And the website snapshot and the website included quantity is different, for the analysis of link quality webmaster, many are in accordance with the number and speed of the new and old, included snapshot to determine the surface. Besides the purchase link is in the same way, with the method to determine their website link quality to judge the quality of each website is as effective. So, no matter what.

buy links, should first analyze outbound links each other, according to the same principle of cake, cake more people, there is less and less. Site link too, if outbound links each other too much, so he bought was not much into, this is not as good as their promotion more. If the outbound links each other much, natural price is relatively high, this is a natural phenomenon. A website of the outbound links should not exceed thirty, such as the weight of a website is 8, and exported 80, then the weights are assigned to only 1/10, but this is according to the ordinary arithmetic to calculate, but also the same meaning. So, the chain is derived more or less, there is a correlation with the quality of the purchase link.

two, from each other’s website weightThe weight of

this thing is mainly for the love of Shanghai, while the majority of domestic users are using search engine love Shanghai, so webmaster for weight or compare value, weight also determines the quality of the website links, after all, a link quality is not high, it is difficult to get high weight, this is a kind of law there is a standard parameter in the algorithm. The love of Shanghai. Anyway, the other site weights in the purchase link, should be paid special attention, two prices like a weight 5 is a weight of 7, but the export link the former than the latter, nature would prefer the former. The reason you can refer to the first description. So, the weights also affect whether or not to buy their own link quality is really, this not to be deceived.

analysis of

three, from each other’s website snapshot, included, PR

analysis of

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